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Summer/Fall Beauty Mashup

Aug 27, 2015

This post is sponsored by Target.

I’m starting to realize that we have a very limited amount of summer weekends ahead, and it’s making me a little sad! But of course, there’s a silver lining—fall fashion and beauty trends! While I still plan on squeezing every last drop of fun possible out of this summer, I’m also looking forward to jewel tones and darker lipstick.

While we’re honeymooning in France (for three glorious weeks!!), we’ll be traveling during the end of summer, and beginning of fall. Since we’ll technically be experiencing two seasons in the City of Love, and since I like to keep my makeup light while I travel, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try W3LL People products, available exclusively at Target.

I love that W3LL People’s products are free of harsh chemicals, but still highly pigmented. I tried a couple different looks, one for these last few days of summer and one for fall. As the base for both looks, I used W3LL People’s Bronzer Stick and Brightener Stick, because I’m a fan of a little highlighting and contouring year round. To blend these products, I used the EcoTools Buffing Brush. I set the look with a little bit of face powder so that my face was dewy but not overly shiny, using the large powder brush in the above photo.

For the summery look, I added a light lip gloss and some shimmery brown eye shadow. The result was a no-makeup makeup look that I'm really loving for warm summer days.

For my fall look, I switched the light gloss for creamy crimson, courtesy of W3LL People’s Universalist Colorstick. I also added a swipe to my cheeks as well. For my eyes, I added some shimmery, deep purple eyeshadow which ended up looking a bit more silver once applied. Again, I’m really impressed with how pigmented their Elitist Eye shadow powder is! 

Can’t wait to recreate both of these beauty looks while traipsing along the Mediterranean in the South of France or gallivanting around Paris!

Find your style @TargetStyle. 

What's in My Gym Bag

Aug 24, 2015

My gym bag is pretty well-packed with super efficient products and items that help make sure I have no excuse to miss my workout, whether it's in the morning before meetings, during my lunch time, or after work before I hop on the Google bus back to the city. Check out the video below to see what  products Cait, Nichole and I can't live without having in our trusty gym bags. 

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Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Party Gifts

Aug 19, 2015

[Disclaimer: If you're in our bridal party or our parents, I'd suggest that you skip reading this post for now! :)]

Happy Wednesday! Here's a look at the goodies we've picked out for our fabulous bridal party. A bit of bling and a cheeky handkerchief for the ladies, and a practical and fun gift for the boys. 

bridal party gift ideas
bridal party gift ideas
bridal party gift ideas
Ceramic Ring Holder // Brooches 
[above] These darling lace-imprinted ceramic ring holders are perfect for a wedding or bridal shower favor. My bridesmaids are wearing cobalt blue infinity wrap dresses, and one of my bridesmaids had the idea of adding a pretty brooch to their dress. She sent me some inspo photos for how to style them (you can find some on my bridesmaid Pinterest board), and I loved how they glammed the look up a touch, so I asked my bridesmaids to pick one out for themselves. Henkaa has a great selection

[below] I found Amy O. on etsy but they have even more selection on their Amy O. Bridal website. Their bridal accessories are gorgeoussss and perfect for a bride or bridesmaid gift. I picked out a selection of different earring styles for my bridesmaids, mom, and mother-in-law. I also love the sweet little notes that you can choose to have printed on the earring holders. My bridesmaids' cards read, "I couldn't say I do without you." My mom's card says "Today a bride, tomorrow a wife, forever your daughter." And my MIL's card has "Thank you for raising the man of my dreams," printed on it. :')

bridal party gift ideas
bridal party gift ideas
[above] This hanky cracks me up. When I first popped the question to my bridesmaids, one of the cards featured that infamous photo of Kim Kardashian crying and read, "I need someone to make sure I don't ugly cry." I got one of these hankies for everyone to help us avoid looking like Kim K. ;) and the etsy seller used a blue thread to match our cobalt blue wedding color. 

bridal party gift ideas
Amy O. Bridal Earrings
[below] I'm obsessed with our groomsmen gifts!! I don't even drink beer and I want one of these growlers. We found a company that does custom engraving that would allow us (and by us, I of course mean Omied) to design our own monogram/logo to be etched into the growler. I love the design Omied created, right down to the little bowler hat and mustache. We're so happy with how these turned out!

bridal party gift ideas
Custom Growlers
Picking out gifts for our bridal party has been so much fun! We wanted their gifts to be something they would use after the wedding as well, so they'll be reminded of our special day full of happy memories for years to come. 

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Summer to Fall Beauty

Aug 17, 2015

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was super low-key and was mostly focused on wedding/honeymoon planning and blogging. Today I'm sharing a quick video that I shot with Target, along with a couple of my favorite blogger ladies Jennifer and Kate. We're sharing our top beauty picks to help you transition from summer to fall.

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