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My take on the whole "Kate Upton is fat" craze

Jul 18, 2012

Thanks to a FB post from a friend, I recently came across a blog that disturbed me right to my very core. It's called Skinnygossip.com. The name alone sounds downright C U Next Tuesday - ish. Maybe Skinnygossip is going for the shock factor. Or maybe it's a completely deranged girl spewing pro-anorexia nonsense on the Internet. There are tons of blogs just like hers, which I frankly don't care to look at.

My friend posted Skinnygossip's recent post about Kate Upton, in which she calls Kate a cow and a piggie among other lovely names. Now, let me preface this by saying I'm not much of a Kate Upton fan myself. She's a pretty girl, but her Carls JR commercial is downright crass, not to mention false advertising (While her commercial makes it look like CJ's burgers will induce wild, orgasmic bliss, I've tried one and they in fact do not. A shame, really.). But even after viewing her CJ commercial and being disturbed by the blatant sexist nature of it, I did come away with one positive thought after it—at least she's a beautiful gal with a real body. And a real hot one at that. Truly, I appreciated that she had curves and titties and a butt, and looked like a smokin hot woman, and not a little boy. 

Skinnygossip, however, doesn't have the same appreciation. You can read the Kate-bashing article here, but afterwards, do yourself a favor and X out of that crap.

Instead of launching a PSA about how us women need to stick together and support each other (let's face it, most women are better at being catty and tearing each other down, sadly), I'll just say, please don't buy in to this unhealthy bullshit. If you want to deprive yourself, I guess that's your business. But don't bash other women who are leading happy and healthy lives. That's just sad. If women were supposed to look like this, they wouldn't skip periods and have heart attacks after "achieving" it:

An image posted by Skinnygossip that she "loves."
P.S. A random body image tip that I learned a few years ago: I realized that I was subconsciously comparing myself to other women every day—women I saw at the gym, passed on the sidewalk, etc. If they were bigger than me, I'd feel great and smile to myself, congratulating myself on my hot bod. If they were thinner than me, I'd get annoyed with myself, wish my hips weren't so big, and make a mental note to hit the gym harder. Then I read an article about how women are evolutionarily tuned in to sizing up other women as "competition" (for a mate), but that these kind of comparisons can become unhealthy. When I realized I was doing this, I thought about how disturbing it was and made an effort to stop. It was hard at first—I'd catch myself doing it, and I realized how often those kinds of thoughts passed through my mind. But when it would happen, I'd remind myself this: There's always going to be someone skinnier than you, and there's always going to be someone fatter than you. So what's the point of comparing yourself? What matters is being healthy and appreciating your hot bod. 

So give it a try and let me know what you think. You may be surprised at first (like I was) to see how hard it is to not compare yourself to others. But I promise if you can get over it, you'll feel a lot happier :) 

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  1. So I also bumped onto this website and read the Upton article. In my life I've never been on a website like this. It was disgusting. And all I kept thinking was I hope no young girl reads this and thinks that's the way she should think towards normal looking people. Kate Upton is healthy and its unfortunate that the editor doesn't see that. Like most women maybe she's just jealous Upton is living this fabulous life she thinks only "thin" people (like herself) should live.

  2. Ma'am, I am not altogether certain the author of the SkinnyGossip piece is a "herself", given the frequent use of "gurl".

    When I saw the Sports Illustrated cover, I thought, "She seems to have only 32-inch hips". As a stock-issue hetero male of about forty, I usually look twice at a woman who is 34-38 in the hips.

    Interestingly, the SkinnyGossip author seems to omit the likelihood that Upton stands roughly 5'11". A height like that almost requires some apparent mass-else you're talking less-than-hot. I'll let someone else belabor the point by having a little fun with "apparent mass".

  3. What ever happened to judging a person based on less superficial qualities? Lets say...personality...are they a good honest person...etc? This is beyond the realm of any sane persons common sense. That must be the real issue here. The world is just all gone madballs crazy.