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SF Mission Food Tour

Oct 18, 2012

A couple months ago, my boyfriend and I got a Bloomspot deal for a food tour of the Mission with Edible Excursions. It's taken me a while to get this post published, because I had so many (drool-worthy) pictures! We stopped at a bunch of awesome food spots, many of which I hadn't tried before. It was definitely an adventure for my taste buds. Overall it was such a fun culinary experience, our tour guide Sophia was super cute and knowledgeable (she's also a food blogger), and now I have a few new food spots in the Mission!
Tiny but yummy cupcakes. Aztec chocolate and cinnamon horchata.
Four Barrel coffee @ Grand. Third wave coffee.
THE most amazing pastrami sandwich I've ever had.
Seriously melted in my mouth. Definitely going back here!
Arepas at Mr. Pollo. Got to chat with their chef for a while, who was absolutely
crazy for fresh produce. And they have a fascinating biz model--$20 four course menu,
the menu each night is a surprise, no reservations, tiny place that seats about 12.
Can't wait to try that!
I can't honestly say I'd tried El Farolito sober before (they're open til 3am), but am
happy to report that their tacos are just as delicious when you're not intoxicated.
Yummy huarache from this Mexican deli (Mexica-tessen), Mexican coke, and
warm/fresh/absurdly delicious tortillas. 
You just can't go wrong with Humphry Slocombe. Secret breakfast & Vietnamese coffee.
We also got a mini tour with Precita Eyes (they work to preserve murals in the city) of Balmy Alley. There are a few other alleys like this in the Mission, but it was great to walk through this one with someone who could tell us about the history of the murals. 

Food, art, culture, all wrapped into one day. The Mipster (new catch phrase I just heard--Mission-hipster) in me couldn't have been happier!

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  1. Hi dear! Thanks for your comment! :)
    Love the pictures! Btw love your blog's design, too!
    And sure! I'd love to follow each other!
    I'm your newest follower and I'll wait for you on my blog :)


  2. Yum!! I love food tours!!! And I love Bloomspot deals. :)

    Great photos at the end! Esp the one of MJ. :)

    xo - Sheila

    1. Thanks! Yea it was really fun, I hadn't done a food tour before.

  3. Awesome pics! I love the graffitis:)


  4. So much yummy food and awesome graffiti!