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Fashion Looks ~ Teal Appeal

Nov 13, 2012

Top ~ Zara
Pants ~ UNIQLO
Boots ~ Deichmann
Necklace ~ c/o Dual Nation Jewellery
Silver Ring ~ c/o Skadi Jewellery
Teal Ring ~ Vintage
Black Ring ~ Jewelry stand, SF
Earrings ~ Kate Spade
Bracelet ~ Forever 21
Nail Polish ~ Red Carpet Manicure Red Carpet Reddy

UNIQLO recently opened a store in SF, touting itself as the "Japanese H&M," and it was kind of a big deal. There was a blimp and everything. I went to check it out, and they had me at, "Hello, $20 brightly colored pants." Sold! I got these teal ones, but could easily end up with every color of the rainbow by the end of the year.

This week I received a couple lovely pieces from abroad. Dual Nation's statement peacock necklace makes just that with any outfit. Bold but not over the top, I just love it. Skadi Jewellery's silver ring is intricate and detailed and I'm really diggin its uniqueness factor.

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  1. Okay seriously that picture of you jumping is seriously adorable...I am going to have to try that!!



    1. Hehe thanks girl. I love throwing in a jump photo for some movement. It's hard to get the timing right but worth it when you get a good one ;)

  2. Love the photos!! :)

    I was just there in San Fran on vaca and went to the UniQlo store! It was super packed and crazy! haha.. I made it out with a purchase and that was it. I went back maybe 2 more times but it was just too busy. The teal pants you got are great!

    xo - Sheila

    1. Yea it was totally packed when I was there too. A bit overwhelming, but they have some good stuff!