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Fashion looks ~ Roses are red

Aug 30, 2012

Dress ~ Express
Shawl~ Target
Necklace ~ Ecclectic Eccentricity
Cocktail Ring ~ Forever 21
Bracelet ~ Anthropologie
Earrings and Clutch ~ Vintage, from my Grandmother
Nail Polish ~ Red Carpet Manicure (Pretty in Pink + Tres Chic)

Worn to a friend's wedding. I'd never been to a Catholic wedding, and made sure I didn't show up looking like a Godless heathen by adding a little more coverage with a shawl. 

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DIY ~ Organize and beautify your bookshelves

Aug 27, 2012

Lately the rather unpredictably organized storage cubes/bookshelves in our apartment have been driving me batty. While they have been a great storage space in our relatively small apartment (big for SF standards, small for normal people standards), the fabric bins lend themselves a bit too easily to us dumping random crap in there. And what should take me five seconds to grab a stapler ends up as a rummage-fest that ultimately leaves me grumpy. So I decided to do something about it! I came up with a way to compartmentalize the fabric bins and spruce/tidy up the shelves. You don't have to have one of these lovely Tar-jay storage cubbies to do this DIY. Use it for your bookshelves, or get some fabric bins to organize that top closet shelf. Super handy. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Check out the before and after:
Before (Ew.) and After (Ooh.)
For this DIY, you'll need:
- Contact paper (1-2 9ft rolls, depending on how much sq ft you'll be covering. I got away with 1 roll for this project)
- Cardboard
- Box cutter (scissors will do if you don't have a  box cutter, but if you have one on hand, it'll be your BFF for this project)
- Magazine file boxes (These ones from Ikea are dirt cheap)

1. Measure your bins and cut an appropriately sized piece of cardboard so that it can slide into your bin. If you want to divide your bin into 4 separate quarters, you'll need 2 pieces of cardboard per bin. If your bin isn't perfectly square, you'll need to remeasure from opposite sides for the dimensions for the second piece of cardboard.

2. Cover your cardboard with contact paper.
3. Measure the halfway point of this piece of cardboard and mark it.
4. Start in the center of the board and cut a slit into the cardboard down to the edge, about a centimeter wide. Do this with all your pieces of cardboard.
5. Slide this piece of cardboard into your fabric bin, slit up.
6. Slide another piece of cardboard in perpendicular to the first one. Match up the slits. 
7. Voila!
8. Lastly, cover your magazine file boxes in contact paper. I didn't have enough contact paper on hand to cover the sides of the file boxes, but I figured that was fine since it was really only the backs that would be showing in the bookshelf.

Ah, so much better!
Now I can actually find a sharpie without wanting to pull my hair out. Hooray!

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It's a jungle out there

Aug 22, 2012

For this fun take on a french manicure, you will need:

Red nail polish
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (Leopard print)
Clear nail polish

1. Paint two coats of red nail polish.
2. Cut strips of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (Leopard print) into little strips for the french tips.
3. Apply one of the tips to each finger.
4. Finish with a swipe of clear polish.

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San Francisco Street Food Festival

Aug 20, 2012

Last weekend my coworkers and I volunteered at La Cocina's San Francisco Street Food Festival. We got our grub on at the Night Market Friday night, ran the VIP area Saturday, and got our grub on some more! The best SF restaurants and food vendors in the city were there. Annnd I'm drooling all over again just writing the captions for these pics. 
1. Rye was servin up beer and cocktails. Hot Toddie, please.
2. I will, thanks!
3. Spring rolls, tofu patties, jellyfish
4. Amazing crab and tomato soup
1. Kettle corn with maple syrup and bacon. In. Freaking. Sane.
2. Pulled pork
3. Night Market cuteness
4. Pork is a nice sweet meat. Hehehe. (Babe, anyone?)
1. Japanese food
2. Food, music, booze? Check, check, check
3. Fab music
4. VIP area
1. Almanac beer tasting
2. The Secret Garden
3. Too cute watering can
4. SFSFF Passports for VIPs
Find out more about La Cocina and the great work that they do here.

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Foodporn ~ Sweet tooth

Aug 15, 2012

I admit, I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. I almost wish that I didn't, because it'd make it a lot easier to pass on dessert every once in a while. Wait, what am I saying? I take it back. It's completely worth it. Girls who say shit like, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" have clearly never eaten at The Slanted Door or Tartine. So indulge in some sweet foodporn, captions read top to bottom, left to right.

1. Creme brulee, hot chocolate croquettes with avocado ice cream and Thai chili jam
(my fav of the evening) and peach crumble
2. Bougie cotton candy! Bergamot orange flavored.
3. Chocolate souffle with white choc
4. Adorable bday brulee, for our office manager. (I've been waiting for an excuse to use those candles!)
1. Ice cream sandwich from Bi-Rite Creamery. Balsamic strawberry ice cream with sugar cookies
2. Homemade mocha with whipped cream and chocolate syrup
3. Chocolate friands at Tartine Bakery
4. Coconut cream pie at Tartine

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Fashion looks ~ Seeing spots

Aug 13, 2012

Top ~ Forever 21
Shorts ~ Forever 21
Hat ~ Forever 21
Sandals ~ Forever 21
Sunglasses ~ Raybans
Earrings, bracelet, ring ~ Jewelry stand in San francisco

The last few shots from our Caribbean trip *tear*. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and my boyfriend snapped some photos on the way to Phillipsburg. This outfit felt like a modern twist on pin-up glam. The hat helped me keep cool, while upping the glam-factor. And the top reminds me of the eagle ray we spotted while snorkeling. So. Cool. 

Fashion Looks ~ In bloom

Aug 7, 2012

Ring ~ c/o Anara Original
Bracelets ~ Jewelry stand in San Francisco
Shoes ~ Deichmann
Necklace ~ Boutique in Boston
Purse ~ Longchamp
Earrings ~ Jewelry stand in San Francisco
Nails ~ Red Carpet Manicure "The night is young" & Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

My sister came to visit, which of course meant shopping in Union Square. I spied this cute little dress in her suitcase and pleaded with her to let me borrow it (even though she still had yet to wear it herself). A few puppy dog eye looks later, she conceded, and I got to frolic in her dress on a fun (albeit slightly cold) day in Union Square. I was also excited about the fact that it perfectly matched my new cocktail ring from Anara Original. Lately I've been feeling a bit depleted in the fun-funky-cocktail ring arena, so it was perfect timing that AO contacted me to send me this lovely ring of baubles. 

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