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13 things for your 2013 New Years Eve party

Dec 29, 2012

We're having some friends over for New Years Eve before we all head out on the town together. As I was looking for party ideas (on Pinterest, natch), I thought I'd put together a round-up of my fav things for your NYE party!

1. The perfect New Years eve outfit

2. A signature cocktail: The Daisy Buchanan

3. DIY Glittery Party Hats

4. DIY Party Favors 

5. Easy apps

6. DIY Glitter Lanterns

7. DIY Photobooth

8. Cupcakes (or any dessert) with sparklers in them

9. White and silver balloons

10. Printables for midnight kisses and tic toc breath mints

11. Ice #s for drinks

12. Glittery cookies

13. The perfect NY mani
There you have it! Tweet me pics of your fab NYE outfit and party: @WTFab1

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Fashion-spiration ~ Kiss me at midnight

Dec 28, 2012

The beauty about New Years Eve is that too much bling is never enough. A sparkly silver dress can really be paired with any color accessories, and I've chosen teal, since it's my favorite color. What will you be wearing to ring in the new year?

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Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Dec 25, 2012

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Another Christmas-inspired outfit, this time with a candy cane twist. Deck the halls in reds and golds and top it off with a winter white coat. Crimsons inspired by candy canes are the center of this look with a sweet red frock accompanied by a heart cut out back. The red pumps top it off with a touch of femininity on the heel as well as golden bow earrings. A classic Chanel bag and snowy white jacket complete the look. Happy Holidays!

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Fashion-spiration ~ Holiday party outfit

Dec 22, 2012

Sexy holiday party outfit

Even though the holiday parties are winding down, I just started playing around on Polyvore (it's kind of addicting), and I had to share this set. This saucy little number will make all the elves want to kiss you underneath the mistletoe. The holidays are the perfect time to wear a ton of bling and sparkle, without looking ridiculous. And it's a great excuse to wear red. 

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Fashion-spiration ~ What to wear for the end of the world

Dec 20, 2012

Back in Black

It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. Is it weird that I feel fashionably inspired by the apocalypse? This is what I'd wear to greet the end of the world. Go out with a bang, I say. Back in black and edgier than ever, I'll be putting together a similar outfit...If we survive 12/21/12.

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DIY photo booth and props & Fox Parlor holiday pop-up shop

Last week we had our holiday office party, along with Fox Parlor's pop-up shop right in our office. Fox Parlor sells all handmade (and adorable) gifts and goods. Don't even get me started on the baby clothes and shoes—they're so cute they practically make my womb ache. It was great to get my holiday shopping taken care of (btw, to my Secret Santa person with all my BFFs from home, you may or may not be receiving gifts from FP...). Fashion blogger Brandy, from What to wear with Pandy (she's so sweet!) stopped by and perused the shop, and we had fun snapping photos in the holiday polaroid photo booth I made. 

For the photo booth (scroll down for pics), I took a foam board and cut out a rectangle with an exacto knife, making it look like a polaroid frame, and hung it from the ceiling. I got the printables from the blog Oh Happy Day (she also has a bunch of great ideas for other DIY photo booths). Not to toot my own horn or anything, but the polaroid booth and props turned out to be freakin adorable, and it provided some cheap entertainment for our holiday party, not to mention fun photos. Definitely worth the papercuts. 

Annnd some more iPhone Polaroid pics, just cause they're fun :)

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