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Fashion-spiration ~ I moustache you a question

Feb 26, 2013

This outfit feels a bit 60's glam to me, with a sense of humor. And of course, I can't see a moustache these days without thinking of Lyft. If you live in SF, you've already heard of/used it (or you're clearly living under a rock). If you're in LA, rejoice because Lyft has made its way down to you (& omgwtfjelly you guys get $25 free credit if you sign up now!). Download Lyft on the app store and request an instant pickup from a friendly, background-checked community driver for less than the cost of a cab!

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  1. That mustache backpack is the cutest thing i've seen in a while!!


    Tamara B.
    LilMissStyle Blog

  2. Intresting itmes foun on your blog, Keep postingg girlll!

    Tømrermester Aalborg