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February, Instagrammed

Mar 4, 2013

February was filled with the people I love most. The month included a quick trip to LA for a bday celebration, valentines, and celebrating both Omied and my dad's bdays. And SF Fashion Tech Week! Follow me on Instagram. Captions read top to bottom, left to right.

Started the month out with a juice cleanse. Read about it here.
Yummy baked spaghetti squash and cheese. Recipe from Skinnytaste.
Photoshoot day with Nicole.
Nicole's vintage cameras.

My boyfriend has been joking that after we're married he's going to let himself go. So he brought home this Ben & Jerry's and asked me if I'd like some chubby hubby. I said no but I'll have some ice cream :)
Truffles in the office. They were gone in a day.
Adorable valentines that my co-worker made.
Omied and I must have the same taste because we both got each other Valentine's Day cards with cupcakes on them. Either that or we're both fatties.
Bloody Mary by the beach in Malibu.
We made a quick trip down to LA to celebrate my BFF's birthday.
Relaxing on the beach. We saw dolphins and a seal!

Best scrapbook ever.
Allison's boozy window pane.
Bella, aka the cutest pup you ever did see.

Snoozin on the beach.
Malibu sunset. Sounds like a good drink.

The crew in Malibu.
Just holdin the Hollywood sign.
Me n the beau.
The boys.

Hiked up to the Hollywood sign.
Found this amazing Secret Garden on the way up.
One of the many beautiful homes on the hike up to the Hollywood sign.

Jon's amazing Kafta. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Burnetie care package. Their shoes are so cute! 
The PMD sent me their product to try. Can't wait!
SF Fashion Tech Week with Nicole.
Checking out Lookmazing.
Show by West Coast Leather.
Models in leather.
Celebrating my/Omied's dad's birthdays!
We got my dad a Fathead of Jerry Rice. He was STOKED. I can't believe my mom let him put it in the entryway. She's a nice wifey. He's going in for the tackle.
Got to go see Mike Tyson's one man Broadway show! See my review here.
Big thank you to SHN!

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  1. Your instagram photos are so awesome. i love this recap of February. you packed so much fun into the shortest month of the year!


  2. Very nice insta pics. Have a great monday.