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Mar 27, 2013

Dress ~ Forever 21
Quartz Cuff ~ c/o hearts.com (use FAB30 for 30% off by 5/21)
Sunglasses ~ Ray Bans
Necklace ~ Forever 21

Hearts.com sent me this gorgeous Quartz Energy Cuff, and I'm loving its beauty as much as the lovely story behind it. These cuffs are ethically produced, and crowned with raw stones. Colorless and transparent, Quartz is considered a healing stone that aids in relaxation and visualization.

 Every piece contributes to the quality of life in Rio de Janeiro. In Brazil, where raw materials are considered precious treasures, artisans are often paid less than the full value for their labor. This artisan community guarantees Fair Trade practices to their creators, and they work to improve the artisans' education. 

This family of artisans streamlines their profits back into their communities through donations to an organization that grants health care and schooling to disadvantaged Brazilian children. Due to Brazil's immense size and vast rural areas, boosting access to education is a high priority and I <3 that Hearts contributes to a brighter future.

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  1. I really like stripes. Have a great day.