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How to do a smoky eye

May 13, 2013

I love a good smoky eye. I mean who doesn't, really? Contrary to popular belief, a smoky eye really isn't hard to achieve. Especially when you have a palette of colors that complement each other and are meant for a smoky eye. That way you don't have to search for a dark, medium and light color. So here are four easy steps to the perfect smoky eye:

1. Sweep the dark eyeshadow on your eyelid from lash to crease.
2. Add medium color on crease over dark color and blend.
3. Highlight by sweeping the lightest color under the brow. 
4. Add eyeliner and mascara et voila!

smoky eye shadow

I used Wet 'n' Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner and CoverGirl LashBlastFusion Mascara. I also did a flick at the end of the eyeliner for a winged look.

how to do a smoky eye

For this smoky eye I used BA STAR's Natural Shadow Palette. I love how these browns turned out on my smoky eye! They also have a grey palette that would be perfect for a smoky eye and even pink and blue.

smoky eye
By the looks of their website, a lot of cheer and dance teams use their products. So I figure if it lasts on girls who are twirling and flipping around, it'll stay on me without smudging just fine. So there you have it, a fun and easy smoky eye!

Want a shadow palette of your own for a great smoky eye? Use the discount BBSMOKY for 50% off at BA STAR!
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