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Fashion-spiration ~ Chambray and silver

May 27, 2013

how to wear chambray
A couple weeks ago I went to an event at Madewell in Union Square and tried on my first chambray top. After seeing everyone and their mother wearing them on all my favorite fashion blogs, I thought it would be love at first glance-in-the-mirror. But I gotta tell you, I wasn't crazy about it after trying it on. The ones at Madewell are pretty (yeah, pretty expensive *ba dum bum chh*), but they were just too stiff and structured for my taste. I'd actually probably prefer a cheaper, thinner version with a little more give. And so, I'm still on the lookout for a chambray top that I like. Above, how I'd wear it. If you're wearing chambray this season, what are you pairing it with?
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  1. I just recently jumped on the chambray bandwagon myself! May I suggest Old Navy for an affordable button down.

    This is how I wore it:


  2. I love thesek! I bought a pussy bow chambray top from asos. The color is exactly like that top :) I love ASOS.

    The shoes are so pretty too! I always fall in love with the ones that you have lol. I hope you have a safe & wonderful weekend :)

    1. I have no idea what a pussy bow top is but I like the sound of it.