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The Hunt

Jun 2, 2013

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting at an outdoor cafe in the Mission grabbing lunch with a friend on a gorgeous sunny day. And then she waltzed by in the most amazing high-low, floor length, flowy, pleated black skirt I'd ever seen. Now, this was right before the high-low trend exploded, and before you could find them in everyone and their mother's boutiques. I'd never seen one so pretty, but before I could throw down my falafel, chase her down, and ask her where she'd gotten it, she was gone.

We've all been there. You see something you love, covet it, can't find it, and ultimately forget about it. Sadzies. But, rejoice! I've recently found a site called The Hunt, a community that tracks down the items you're loving, but don't know where to find. 

See something on Pinterest that some jerkface forgot to properly link back to (aka my biggest Pinterest pet peeve)? Don't even sweat it. The Hunt synchs up with your Pinterest, so you can add that lost-soul of a sweater as a Hunt, and someone can find that baby for you. Another feature I love is being able to ask for someone to find a look or piece for less than the typical price. Like when Cosmo does the "dress like Jessica Alba for less" article. Except you can pick any outfit you want!

So check it out! It's a fun community and I'm ready to start huntin'.

Thanks to The Hunt for sponsoring this post!
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