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Mint chip

Jul 18, 2013

sexy floral print dress
pretty floral dress
floral dress
floral print dress
sexy floral dress
art warehouse loft
Dress ~ Some random outdoor store in the Fashion District in LA
Bracelet ~ the Jade Factory in Beijing
Earrings ~ Boutique in LA
Necklace ~ Boutique in Hawaii
Nail polish ~ Gelish, A Mint of Spring
Toe nail polish color ~ Red Carpet Manicure, Star Power

When I was in LA, I spent a couple nights with Nicole, videographer extraordinaire. She's one of those friends who I always get to brag about. Her latest endeavor? Living a bi-city life with gigs in SF and LA, where she's renting a huge, gorgeous live/work art loft/warehouse space in the Fashion District. 

This may be one of my favorite outfit shoots to date. Nicole bought this dress for five (yes, five!) bucks from one of those random shops in the Fashion District, where most of their inventory is hosted on a rack outside. She demanded that I try it on, but given its skimpy nature I resisted at first. Not that I like to pretend like I'm such the demure damsel—I just thought it wouldn't fit. But once I shimmied into it, and we saw how the greens picked up the mint chip paint on the wall and the light bounced off of it, we knew it'd make for a great shoot. There was no set up necessary. Nicole's room literally looked like this when I walked in. Bass in the corner, her photography spread out on the floor. The light that flooded the room was perfect, and we started snapping away.

Have you ever been shopping in the Fashion District in LA? Did you score any crazy deals? What unique pieces did you find?

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  1. That dress is amazing on you. Those mesh parts are very cool and the pattern is beautiful. Love the barefoot look and your legs are amazing. Such lovely photos.


  2. That dress is absolutely fabulous!


  3. love the pattern. and the lighting in the pictures is lovely!