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Chihuly Glass and Garden

Oct 29, 2013

Last month when we were up in Seattle we spent an afternoon at the Chihuly Glass and Garden Exhibit. You may have seen some of Chihuly's larger than life glass installations in some of the ritzy spots in Vegas, like the Bellagio and in the City Center. The exhibit, located right underneath the Space Needle, was absolutely amazing. Chihuly stated that with this exhibit, he wanted people to experience color in a way they never had before. Eight gallery rooms are filled with intricate, ginormous glass chandeliers, stunning vases, and oceanic-inspired displays. It's a permanent exhibit, since Chihuly is from Washington, and if you're in the area it's not to be missed!

[above] Neon-infused glass art. [below] Glass art inspired by Chihuly's mother's garden.
chihuly seattle
[below] Vases inspired by Native American art.
chihuly art
chihuly glass art
chihuly garden glass
[above] Ceiling with tons of glass art pieces. [below] Ocean-inspired glass art.
chihuly glassart
chihuly glass
chihuly glass garden
chihuly chandelier
chihuly chandeliers
Chandeliers galore.
chihuly exhibit
chihuly glass seattle
[above] Loved these boats filled with glass art. [below] Giant vases.
chihuly seattle exhibit
chihuly glass house
Glass house with a giant hanging glass sculpture.
chihuly house
chihuly sculpture
Outdoor gardens.
chihuly outdoor exhibit
chihuly gardens
[above] Rock candy sculpture.
chihuly garden
[above] Feeling blue in the outdoor gardens. [below] Space Needle and more glass art.
chihuly seattle garden

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  1. The glass sculptures are amazing! I love the all the colors and details, I wish I could see it in person.

  2. that rock candy sculpture is amazing, always been a fan of his

  3. Wow! Beautiful images. xx


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  5. Amazing

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  6. amazing pics..I love the vibrant colours...thank you for your nice comment on my post....