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October, Instagrammed

Nov 6, 2013

Holy crap, it's the holiday season! October was over in the blink of the eye. The weekends were filled with fun birthday celebrations, and mid-month I started a new job at Google! Captions read top to bottom, left to right. Follow me on Instagram @WTFab1.

Got my first blow out, courtesy of blo!
Macarons and dainty jewelry from my new favorite SF boutique, Azil.
Blogger babes at Azalea.
Cupcakes at blo.
Cake pops at the Sandro, SF opening.
Adorable bear cub in my latte, complete with paws.
On my way to the iFabbo social media conference. Necklace c/o Your Bijoux Box.
Checkin out boohoo.com's jewelry.
Swag bag from iFabbo. There were so many goodies in it, the handles of my bag broke.
After party at The Four Seasons.
Started my new job at Google! New Googler = Noogler. It's been an amazing first month!
Having dogs in the office is so much fun. Especially when they're wearing a tutu for Halloween.
Sweet treats. Android software releases.
Bday BBQ in Dolores Park.
Stopping to smell the flowers.
Omied took me out to dinner at Foreign Cinema for my birthday. It's my new favorite.
Bday chocolate pot de creme.
Leaving Foreign Cinema.
Annnnd more bday sweets. Adorable chocolate cake from Miette.
Early first day at Google means watching the sun rise from the Google bus.
Went to a comedy show and saw Maz Jobrani. So fun.
Had a great time at Melange's annual fashion show.
Shoe stalking at Melange.
Found treasures in my 98 year old grandma's vintage jewelry collection.
Feeling festive at the office.
Catwoman and Minnie Mouse! Happy Halloween!

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  1. I´m longing for a cupcake right now - they really look delicious ;-)


  2. Great photos. That Google hat is the cutest!

  3. Love this! Life is good when it is full of LOVE, CUPCAKES, FASHION, SUCCESS, & BEAUTY! What else can you ask for?!


  4. Great pics!


  5. Thank you so much Beauty :) I agree with this haha, I'm sure she would be in it <3

    diamonds aren't forever

  6. heyy there,
    you are so gorgeous!! <3
    love all of ur cute pics :)
    seems like u're having lots of fun!
    wanna follow each other?
    lemme know!! <3