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Dec 1, 2012

Presented by iCu The Network


In three short years, Mélange has grown to be an international celebration of diversity here in San Francisco – challenging fashion industry norms by featuring models from ages 18 to 67 and of all heights, sizes, and backgrounds.

Celebrity designers, models, and guests traveled from Brazil, France, Peru, NYC, and LA to participate in Mélange 2013. The fashion show featured four looks from Jean Paul Gaultier, which were delivered by UNESCO Artist for Peace, Guila Clara Kessous. Guila is a member of the Board of Advisors for Mélange Productions, and she came to debut the runway premiere of her new handbag by Le Tanneur. Plus-size celebrity model, Marlucia Felix, also flew in from Brazil to model a fabulous design by Kiko Arantes in the show.

Sephora, 7x7 Magazine, Couture Press, iCu The Network and other sponsors teamed up to support the show’s mission of celebrating diversity and human rights. At the opening of Mélange 2013, Guila and the Mélange Executive Producer team (Cristina Ribeiro, Dericka Porter, Chavis Aaron, and Nick Navarro) presented three awards to the following designers: Topher Adam (Bay Area Fashion Award), Varignia Garcia (Fashion Ambassador Award), and Jennita Itthi-Angkul (Student  Designer Award). Local designers that participated in the show include: Charmosa Swimear, Rosimeire Osorio (Isabella Boutique), Chona Pike, Ujena Wear, and Marise Oliveira.

Dericka Porter, the CEO of Couture Press and an Executive Producer of Mélange 2013, recruited two celebrity designers who traveled from Los Angeles to participate in the show: Punk Kouture, who has designed for Nicki Minaj and Mick Jagger, and Glynneth B Jewelry, who has worked with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and more. The two of these designers participated alongside local and international designers, including Eric Tibusch of France. These designers were mixed with performances throughout the night, including a performance by Aurélia Khazan, the recipient of the Cannes Film Festival Emerging Actress Award.

The finale of the show ended with the four looks by Jean Paul Gaultier, modeled by a transgender star of AsiaSF, a 52 year old famous model coach, and two African American agency models. After the four looks, the show ended with a world premiere of a girl group number by AsiaSF, choreographed by Ronnie Reddick. Ronnie has worked with such artists as Michael & Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, and RuPaul, along with many corporations like Gap, Macy’s, MAC Viva Glam Cosmetics, Nordstrom, and Starbucks.

This year, iCu The Network Presented Mélange 2013; iCu the Network is a new and innovative way to bring like-minded people together for an evening of buzzing energy. Other partners for the event include: Sephora, 7x7 Magazine, Flywheel, AsiaSF, iCu The Network, Couture Press, Legally Vogue, VivaDressUp, Rojas Agency, SOLZ Watches, Frapez, Tea of a Kind, Boogie Lights Entertainment, LAM, VIP Socialite, SOLZ Watches, PRAD, UpOut, Robert Silver Photography, Wayne Serrano Photography, Blue Pill Productions, SUMMIT, and more.

Celebrity Guests and Performers
Arielle Patrice Scott, Cast Member of MTV’s The Real World
Marielle Mulligan, Celebrity Guest Singer
Aurelia Khazan, Recipient of Cannes Film Festival Emerging Actress Award
Glynneth Barren, Celebrity Fashion Designer
Guila Clara Kessous, UNESCO Artist for Peace
Howard Edelman, Executive Director of Academy of Friends
Jennifer Kurrie, President-Elect of Junior League of San Francisco
Katie Boyden, Assistant to Oscar-Winning Director, Bill Guttentag
Marlucia Felix, Celebrity Model from Brazil
Punk Kouture, Celebrity Fashion Designer
Rev. Theon Johnson, GLIDE Church
Ronnie Reddick, Celebrity Choreographer
The Ladies of AsiaSF, World-Famous Entertainers

Featured Designers:
Mélange designers received the following complimentary production services: model recruitment, makeup
artistry by Sephora, and hair styling by iCu Beauty and local salons.

Atussa Couture
Charmosa Swimwear
Chona Pike
Eric Tibusch
Glynneth B Jewelry
Jean Paul Gaultier
Jennita Itthi-Angkul (Student Designer Award)
Le Tanneur (Handbags by Guila Clara Kessous)
Marise Oliveira
Punk Kouture
Rosimeire Osorio (Isabella Boutique)
Topher Adam (Bay Area Designer Award)
Ujena Wear
Varignia Garcia (Fashion Ambassador Award)

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