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Fashion-spiration ~ New girl in town

Jan 30, 2013

I have a bit of a girl-crush on Zooey Deschanel. I think she's absolutely adorable, and I love her voice. This quirky and cute look is inspired by Jess, from Fox's New Girl.

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Fashion-spiration ~ Blue bells, cockle shells

Jan 24, 2013

blue floral dress

It's been so freaking chilly in SF, I've been day dreaming of spring, warmer weather and the chance to get my girly dresses and wedges back out. For now this baby blue outfit with earthy browns and floral embellishments will have to tide me over.

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Green with envy

Jan 23, 2013

Jacket ~ Bebe
Top ~ Zara
Pants ~ c/o Robin's Jean (similar here)
Shoes ~ Boutique in Amsterdam
Clutch ~ Vintage, from my grandmother
Cocktail ring ~ Forever 21
Necklace ~ Gift from a friend
Earrings ~ Kate Spade

I bought these heels when I was in Amsterdam, and I LOVE them (even though my dad says they look like stripper heels). The heels combined with the leather jacket, bright red lipstick and Robin's Jeans made for a pretty rockin outfit. I met up with a friend for lunch after this shoot and the first thing out of her mouth was "Damn girl, where's your bike? Badass." Her comment made me laugh, especially since Robin's inspiration for his brand comes partly from his passion for motorcycles and vintage cars. Spot on.

"Wearing a pair of Robin's Jeans makes you feel alive, free, spontaneous and able to do anything you put your heart and soul into," says Robin. I've gotta say, I agree.

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Skypin with Gaga

Jan 21, 2013

Corset ~ eBay
Leather jacket ~ Bebe
Skirt, boots, clutch, blue cocktail ring, lace cocktail ring, belt ~ Forever21
Buckle ring ~ Gift from a friend
Tights ~ Anthropologie
Earrings ~ Urban outfitters
Necklace ~ That hippie who sells his glass art in Union Square
Hair bow ~ Amazon

Last week I posted about how I got an amazing invite from Skype to join them at Lady Gaga's Born this way Ball. Of course I had to wear something fun (it's Gaga, after all!). Last week's fashion-spiration post was my vision for the perfect outfit for the concert, and today's outfit post showcases what I actually wore to the concert. Pretty close, right? Fortunately in SF, the question, "Is that how you normally dress, or is that a costume?" is completely legitimate, so no one even gave me a second glance when I was shooting this outfit post. Although I do really love my take on the Gaga hair bow. Maybe enough to start wearing it on a regular basis. 

The concert last week was freaking fantastic. We had so much fun in Skype's suite drinking and noshing, played around in Skype's activation booth, and then had amazing seats for the concert. Let me tell you, Gaga knows how to put on a show, and Skype knows how to throw a party. Here are some photos from the night!

Skype's suite
Skype's sweets
Lovin my new booties
Amazing Skype swag bag! Complete with Jawbone speakers and Lady Gaga's perfume, Fame (which smells awesome, btw)
Skype M&Ms!!
Playing around in Skype's activation booth
Photos on the blue carpet
Gaga! Paws up.
Loved her grand entrance on the "horse"
 My fav pics from the night: Gaga rockin out, meat dress, and Lady Gaga actin unlady-like

Huge thank you to Skype for the invite!!

Also, this.

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What to wear to a Lady Gaga concert

Jan 15, 2013

You guys, I'm beyond excited. Skype sent me an invite to join them at the Lady Gaga concert in San Jose this week! I'll be hanging out in Skype's hospitality suite at the Born This Way Ball before the show, and then rocking out to Poker Face. So of course when I got the invite, after my initial excitement, my first thought was, "What am I going to wear??" A quick Google search of "what to wear to a Lady Gaga concert" brought some entertaining posts. My favorite was one that said "Help! What do I wear to a Lady Gaga concert if I'm not hipster? I'm just a normal girl. I don't know how to dress crazy!" Cute. My approach is going to involve a saucy combo of black, a pop of color, and of course, a hair bow. Derr.

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Anything Goes

Jan 13, 2013

Dress ~ Forever 21
Coat ~ Boutique in Westwood
Tights ~ Anthropolgie
Shoes ~ Thrifted
Clutch ~ Vintage, from my grandmother
Necklace ~ c/o Dual Nation
Sunglasses ~ c/o Firmoo
Earrings ~ Kate Spade
Rings and bracelet ~ Forever 21

Last week I had the immense pleasure of attending the Broadway show Anything Goes. Above is the outfit I wore to the show—I've been waiting for the right excuse to wear these new tights. Fun, aren't they? 

The musical was phenomenal. It was the perfect combo of charming + saucy. Just like how I like my men (ba dum bum chhh). Seriously, the numbers, the tap dancing, the singing...it was jaw-dropping. And the star, Rachel York? I could not take my eyes off her. Really, I tried. And failed. 

Ever since we saw the show a few days ago, my boyfriend (who was lucky enough to come with me ;)) and I have had some of the songs stuck in our heads. While normally that would drive me batty, I'm really enjoying it. The songs are so fun, they can't help but add a little more spring to my step. Plus, I like how the beau keeps telling me I'm "the top" and comparing me to the smile on the Mona Lisa. I could get used to this.

So in all, it was absolutely Delightful, Delicious, De-lovely. If you'll be in SF any time from now til Feb 3rd, hop on over to www.shnsf.com and snag your tickets while they're still available. Oh, and Wicked is coming later this month too!

(Photo courtesy of SHNSF's Instagram page. Follow them here.)
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{Duepunti} Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Jan 10, 2013

Top ~ Zara
Pants ~ UNIQLO
Boots ~ Thrifted
Bracelet, Black & Fuchsia stacked rings ~ c/o Duepunti (Colors: Hot Date: Midnight Bangle and Ring & Kiss n Tell Fuchsia Ring)
Earrings, ring (red) ~ Gift from friend traveling in Pakistan
Necklace ~ Gift from a friend
Sunglasses ~ Raybans

When I was wearing this outfit, a girl stopped me at a bar and complimented me on how put together I looked, and then she exclaimed when she saw the elbow patches on my top. "I've been obsessed with elbow patches! I've even been sewing them on my old long sleeve shirts!" Sounds like a DIY post in the making. I think it's fun that what used to be reserved for only pretentious professors is now finding its way onto every day clothing.

Speaking of unpretentious, how about these Duepunti jewelry pieces? They're such a playful way to wear diamonds, and a fool-proof way to get in on the jewelry stacking trend. Celebs like Alessandra Ambrosio, Kristen Bell and Nicki Minaj have been scooping up these unconventional diamonds for their sassy style. And I can see why--these rainbow bands are a bit addicting and I'm now jonesin for a teal or aqua to add to my new collection!

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Fashion-spiration ~ Winter Frolic

Jan 9, 2013

Warm winter colors + chunky knits. Makes me want to frolic through the woods.

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