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Undisputed Truth

Feb 28, 2013

Dress ~ Boutique on Melrose
Shoes ~ Jessica Simpson
Wristlet ~ Coach
Sunglasses ~ c/o Firmoo
Earrings ~ Kate Spade
Necklace ~ no idea...
Black and gold bracelet and rings ~ Forever 21
Bangles ~ gift from a friend
Nail polish color ~ RCM Star Power

Last night I got to attend the Broadway show Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth. I wore this outfit and was excited to wear this new, flirty dress that I picked up on Melrose.

Going in to the show, I had no idea what to expect—I just knew I was intrigued. After all, Mike Tyson is known for being the most unintentionally hilarious man alive, while simultaneously being a bad @$$ who will threaten to eat your children. And my earliest memory of Mike Tyson was when I was 8 years old, watching the Holyfield-Tyson II match where Mike bit off Evander's ear.

 The heavyweight champ's one-man show was fantastic. Right off the bat, he admits that Mike Tyson on stage is a bit bizarre. But he proceeds to take you on a journey through his life (one that most people could only imagine) and shows you the softer side. We knew Tyson could be funny (The Hangover, anyone?), but what about sentimental? Raw? Maybe even...kind of a sweetheart? Tyson was brutally honest. I laughed, a lot, and at times felt deeply touched (and not in the dirty way that Tyson's rep would have him known for). By the end of the show, you're totally rooting for him. It was all so fascinating. A knockout performance. 

Mike Tyson's one man show is only in town tonight and tomorrow night, so grab your tickets stat! www.shnsf.com/online/miketyson

Photo courtesy of SHN's Instagram page. Follow them here.

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Little black dress

Dress ~ Boutique in Westwood
Fur coat ~ Thrifted (borrowed from Nicole)
Shoes ~ Forever 21
Necklace & earrings ~ Gift from a friend
Bronze ring ~ Oana Mirela
Rings ~ Forever 21

Every gal needs an LBD (or five). I also wore this outfit for Valentine's day (+ some tights, because it was freakin chilly). 

Photographer: Nicole Salmeri. My fav is the behind the scenes shot at the end—her lights are INtense!

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Fashion-spiration ~ I moustache you a question

Feb 26, 2013

This outfit feels a bit 60's glam to me, with a sense of humor. And of course, I can't see a moustache these days without thinking of Lyft. If you live in SF, you've already heard of/used it (or you're clearly living under a rock). If you're in LA, rejoice because Lyft has made its way down to you (& omgwtfjelly you guys get $25 free credit if you sign up now!). Download Lyft on the app store and request an instant pickup from a friendly, background-checked community driver for less than the cost of a cab!

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Anchors away

Feb 21, 2013

Top ~ Zara
Shorts ~ Forever 21
Shoes ~ Payless
Necklace ~ Baroque pearls from Hawaiian Trading post
Chain bracelet ~ Century 21
Bangles ~ Gift from friend
Earrings ~ Boutique in the Marina

Last week I shot a few outfits posts with Nicole Salmeri, a.k.a my super talented BFFL. We shot in the chapel at the Convent, where she lives. No, she's not a nun. It's a converted convent that's now an art collective in SF. We had so much fun!

I'm not usually a fan of mixing prints (and this outfit barely counts), but I loved this nautical striped top with the floral shorts. Can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear this outside!

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Oooh, Champs Elysee

Feb 19, 2013

I've been bitten by the travel bug. I've convinced my boyfriend that we should get our passport stamped once a year. We're all set to go to China for two weeks this May (weee!!) but I'm also feeling nostalgic for Paris. I studied abroad there and I want to go back with my sweetheart some day! For now, this French-inspired outfit will have to do. That, and this: 


Babydoll dress, babydoll shoes

Feb 14, 2013

Dress & Belt ~ Forever 21
Shoes ~ Boutique in Westwood
Necklace ~ Jewelry stand at UCLA
Gold bangles ~ Gift from a friend traveling in Pakistan
Hot pink ring ~ c/o Duepunti
Pastel stacked rings ~ Forever 21

I really loved this nightstand at H2Hotel. Interior design is one thing I definitely don't have a handle on, so when I walk into a boutiquey, modern, green hotel like H2, I'm always in awe. This hot pink babydoll dress reminds me of one I adored as a kid. I actually posted about it last week. Basically picture this hot pink floral dress with a white kitty face on it. Perfection. At least for 9 year old me.

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UNIQLO mixed race family ad ~ Hip, hip, hooray!

Feb 12, 2013

While flipping through an Elle magazine, I came across this UNIQLO ad. And stopped in my tracks. OMG. A mixed race family! Seriously, think about how sad that is that it's remarkable to see in a magazine. I've noticed Cosmo does a good job of mixin up their white couples in their mags, by adding in some black couples. But they never mix up the races. Smiley white chick pairs up with smiley white guy. Pretty black gal pairs with good looking black guy. And it's freaking annoying. You see mixed race couples every day in real life, I'm the product of one, I'm in a relationship that makes up one, but I never see them in magazines. Which is why a UNIQLO ad with some hapa kids make me giddy. I already loved them for their $20 jeggings that fit me like a dream. Now I think I'm smitten.

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5 day juice cleanse experience

Feb 11, 2013

Last week I completed a 5 day juice cleanse. After wining and dining at our company's offsite in Healdsburg the previous week, it felt like a good time to detox and reset my palette and cravings. I've done a few juice cleanses in the past, usually for 3 days. The first couple times I made the juice myself, with a juicer, and it was SO much work. Seriously, so laborious. The last time I bought the juice from a local juicer in SF. And this time, I bought the juice from Thrive Cleanse, a new juice bar in the Marina. Their juices are really tasty, and they deliver! Yummy juices delivered right to my door? I don't have to shove kale into a juicer, squirting myself in the process? Heaven. As I said, the longest cleanse I've done is 3 days, so I was a little nervous about extending that to 5. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that Thrive Cleanses' juices kept me satisfied, and I never felt like I was starving. 

When I first decided to try a cleanse a few years ago (after one of my students gave a persuasive speech on why you should do a juice cleanse), I found it really helpful to read people's experiences and daily accounts of how they felt. It helped me know what to expect. So, for those interested in doing a cleanse, I jotted down some notes from my 5 days of juicing, so you can see what my experience was like and decide if it's something for you.

juice cleanse experiences

Day 1: I woke up and my first thought was, "I'm hungry! What's for breakfast? Oh yea, lemon juice + water. :-/" I ended up skipping the lemon water because the H2O to lemon ratio leaned way too much toward the lemon in the concoction I made. Blegh. I went ahead to a kale juice. I love that Thrive labels your juices for you by number so you don't even have to think about the proper order. Starting your day with a hearty kale juice sounds pretty logical to me, and I drank that around 9:30. I didn't feel hungry until a few hours later, at 12:30pm. I drank the second juice, which was delicious, but around 1pm totally crashed and felt exhausted. Time for some green tea. I kept drinking my juices throughout the day every couple hours and finished with a cashew-based juice (milk?) around 7. It was freakin delicious. Seriously tasted like a healthy horchata dessert drink. Can I just drink this 24/7? Mmm. Overall, I felt pretty satisfied this first day. Onward!

Day 2: Feelin pretty good! Although everyone's lunches smelled really good in the office today. But happy to report, no afternoon energy crash! I made my last juice into a smoothie  by throwing it into a blender with ice, and I was legit full. I did doze off while reading my Elle magazine for a power nap around 7pm, which is really unusual for me.

Day 3: Still feelin good! I'm loving this whole no-energy-crash-after-lunch thing. Although I am missing the satisfaction of chewing on/swallowing something yummy. I know that sounds weird but if you've done a juice cleanse you know what I mean. For some reason I decided to torture myself tonight by pinning ridiculous amounts of recipes from one of my fav food blogs, SkinnyTaste.com. But at least I'm craving healthy recipes when I'm done with my juice cleanse, right? I've already decided on the first recipe I'll make when I'm off the cleanse: Baked spaghetti squash and cheese. *Drool*

Day 4: Woohoo, one day left after today! Not thinking about food (or the lack thereof) as much today. And still had good energy throughout the day. So how do I keep this up after I'm off the cleanse and skip that after lunch energy crash?

Day 5: Last day! I wouldn't say it's been "easy," but it's definitely been my easiest cleanse since Thrive Cleanse's juices are so satisfying. Am I looking forward to eating something (healthy) tomorrow though? Hell yes! Day 5 was the easiest since I knew the end was near and I was already feeling a sense of accomplishment. But I am thinking I should treat myself to a certain Marc Jacobs purse I've been lusting after...

So, what was the end result? Was it worth it? The 5 day juice cleanse helped me:
- Reset my palette and cravings. As with my other cleanses in the past, this juice cleanse helped me stop craving salty/fatty foods. And really healthy dishes taste delectable again.
- Lose 5 pounds (although most of it is H2O weight).
- Get rid of eczema. I had a patch of it on my hand that I'd been putting medicated lotion on for a good month and the damn thing was not going away. On the 2nd day of my juice cleanse I noticed the patch was starting to go away, and by the 5th day it was totally gone! Hooray!
- Boost my energy. Not having that mid-afternoon energy slump was so wonderful, and I'm determined to find out what it takes to keep it that way now that my juice cleanse is over (carb-free lunch?)!
- And finally, a lovely side-effect of the juice cleanse—my treat to myself: a new Marc Jacobs purse :)

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Free sample of Algenist + What makes you feel beautiful!

Feb 8, 2013

Hello loves! I'm excited to announce that over the next 10 days I'll be participating in a campaign for Algenist. They're a biotech skincare company located in my lovely city, San Francisco. I just received a sample of their Concentrated Reconstructing Serum, and I'm excited to try it out! And you can get a free sample (worth $45) too

Others have had great results with it, and their before/after photos are pretty impressive.

Part of this campaign with Algenist includes a 10 day challenge, where every day I have to post about something that makes me feel beautiful. Should be fun! And you can be part of it too—Request your own Algenist free sample, take your own 10 day challenge, and while you're at it, tell me what makes you feel beautiful!

Thanks to Algenist for sponsoring this post.

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Golden daffodils

Feb 7, 2013

Blazer ~ Forever 21
Top ~ Target
Pants ~ UNIQLO
Boots ~ Steve Madden
Clutch ~ Jessica McClintock 
Sunglasses ~ Raybans
Necklace ~ Oana Mirela
Earrings ~ Anthropologie
Gold & lace cocktail rings ~ Forever 21
Opal ring ~ Vintage, from my grandmother
Black ring ~ c/o Duepunti

I've never really owned a blazer until now. They just looked super formal to me, and I wasn't really sure how to pull one off. But lately I've been noticing chicks wearing them with, well...literally anything. Skirts, shorts, dresses, pants, whatever. So I thought I'd give this one a try. A pop of color with the rest of my outfit neutral black/charcoal. Verdict? I'm a fan. A blazer sharpens any look, and I actually didn't feel all that "formal." More like "put together." The gorg daffodil necklace is from Oana Mirela's Spring 2012 collection, and I'm in love. It's so detailed and dainty, right down to the inside of the corona (as in flower-anatomy-talk, not the beer).

I shot this outfit post during the 1st quarter of the Superbowl. I thought this would mean that the streets of San Francisco would be dead, and I'd have this random graffiti wall on the side of Walgreens to myself. But nope. It actually meant people were still bar hopping and random (sloshed) men wanted to jump into my shot. So. Awkward. Lesson learned.

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