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Orange sherbet

May 30, 2013

Top ~ c/o Couture Sqd
Pants ~ G-Star Raw
Necklace and clutch ~ Vintage, from my Grandmother

So clearly I had to try the peplum trend at some point in time. And you know what? It is really flattering. Now I see why peplum tops have been so hot over the last year. I thought my grandmother's floral clutch went perfectly with the orange top and the flowery background. *Sigh* I dream of the day that I'll have a pretty frontyard with roses. Not happening in my SF lifetime though!
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Black cherry

May 28, 2013

Wrap ~ c/o Witjuti
Top ~ H&M
Shorts and cocktail ring~ Forever 21
Bracelets ~ c/o Eclectic Star
Lace socks ~ c/o Hautelegs
Heels ~ Jessica Simpson

Here's a fun Sunday treat: Climb on top of the roof of your old and highly suspect apartment building and snap some photos, while praying you don't fall through on top of the neighbor below you. While it made for some fun photo opps, I probably won't be pulling that stunt again. Creaky roofs make me nervous. :(

I love these handmade beaded and leather bracelets from Eclectic Star. They're fun and easy to stack and the little charms on them are so cute. The yellow one has a little honeybee and the leather one has a tree of life and feather charm. 

I'm also enjoying these cut-off lace socks from Hautelegs. I've never worn anything like them so it was fun picking out an outfit around them. How would you style them?
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Fashion-spiration ~ Chambray and silver

May 27, 2013

how to wear chambray
A couple weeks ago I went to an event at Madewell in Union Square and tried on my first chambray top. After seeing everyone and their mother wearing them on all my favorite fashion blogs, I thought it would be love at first glance-in-the-mirror. But I gotta tell you, I wasn't crazy about it after trying it on. The ones at Madewell are pretty (yeah, pretty expensive *ba dum bum chh*), but they were just too stiff and structured for my taste. I'd actually probably prefer a cheaper, thinner version with a little more give. And so, I'm still on the lookout for a chambray top that I like. Above, how I'd wear it. If you're wearing chambray this season, what are you pairing it with?
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May 23, 2013

Dress ~ c/o Couture Sqd
Tights ~ c/o HauteLegs
Boots ~ Steve Madden
Bag ~ Not sure! I think a purse party at my cousin's years ago...
Necklace ~ Eclectic Eccentricity
Bracelet ~ c/o Hearts.com (old)

A piece of advice that I usually follow: If you have to ask if it's a shirt or a dress, it's a shirt. Well, in this instance, I think the above piece from Couture Sqd can be worn as either. And I chose a dress with some HauteLegs tights.

I love this statement bag. Some people (and by people, I mean men) think it's a bit on the crazy side. But guess what? I dgaf (here, if you're not down with the kid's lingo these days).  What's your favorite statement piece in your closet?
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DIY ~ How to organize your rings

May 22, 2013

I have a lot of rings. And jewelry, for that matter. A while back, I showed you how I organize my necklaces and bracelets. It's been so nice to be able to easily see all of them, instead of digging through a mess of jewelry. So that was the inspiration behind this post—finding a way to nicely organize my rings. I found this cheap jewelry box at Marshall's and made the top part into ring holders. Here's what you'll need:

- A box, frame, or even a shoe to turn into a ring holder (Confused? Scroll down to the bottom of the post and see the other ways people store their rings.)
- Batting
- Cute fabric
- Scissors
- Thread
- Hot glue gun

1. I started with this cute box.
DIY ring organizer

2. Measure the width of the box, frame, etc that you'll be filling up. Mine happened to be 4 inches. Cut a piece of batting the same width, and about 6 inches long. Roll it up. Put a dot of hot glue at the end so it stays rolled up.

3. Cut a square piece of fabric that's the same width as your batting. My fabric is 4x4 inches.

4. Start from the bottom corner and roll half way up.

5. Fold the corners in. 

6. Roll all the way up and sew ends to secure. Repeat steps 2-6 to create a bunch of these little batting-fabric pieces. Make enough so that when you stuff them into your ring box, they will securely hold your rings.

7. Put hot glue where you'll be placing your batting.

8. Stuff your pieces of batting into your ring box.

9. Use a knife to smoosh the sides down and tuck them in.

10. Voila!
how to organize rings

Put your rings in.
how to organize your rings

And enjoy!
organizing rings

I love having all my rings organized like this. Super easy to see them all and find the one I'm looking for quickly. And this can be done in tons of different things, not just a box! I've seen it in picture frames, big and small, a serving tray, a cigar box, and even a shoe. So how do you organize your rings? Will you be creating something like this? If you do, tweet me a pic! @wtfab1
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Take your Shoedazzle style quiz!

May 20, 2013

Spring shoes are my absolute favorite. When else is there an abundance of candy-colored confections of shoes?? I just took my style quiz on Shoedazzle, and they curated an entire online showroom for me based on my quiz, and this spring's trends. You've probably heard of Shoedazzle along with Kim Kardashian, one of the founders. And Rachel Zoe (love) is their new style curator! So all the shoes are chosen by her. The style quiz is really fun and helps make sure your showroom gets filled with pieces you love. And, their shoes are super inexpensive! 

Here are some of my favorite ones that popped up in my showroom! 
Take your own style quiz on Shoedazzle to find your perfect sole-mate this spring!

Thanks to Shoedazzle for sponsoring this post!
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Flying purple people eater

May 16, 2013

Dress ~ c/o Couture Sqd
Glasses ~ c/o Firmoo (old)
Heels and cocktail ring ~ Forever 21
Clutch ~ c/o JJ Winters (old)

By now SF weather can't really take me by surprise. One day it's hot and sunny, the next it's thunder storming. So when it is warm out, I take full advantage, and I make sure to rock a dress when I can!

This pretty purple floral dress was sent from Couture Sqd, a fashion discovery site that sends clothes by the box. When you sign up, you're sent 4 new outfits each month to wear and then return (with a prepaid shipping label). Sounds like a fun way to have an ever-revolving closet door!
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How to do a smoky eye

May 13, 2013

I love a good smoky eye. I mean who doesn't, really? Contrary to popular belief, a smoky eye really isn't hard to achieve. Especially when you have a palette of colors that complement each other and are meant for a smoky eye. That way you don't have to search for a dark, medium and light color. So here are four easy steps to the perfect smoky eye:

1. Sweep the dark eyeshadow on your eyelid from lash to crease.
2. Add medium color on crease over dark color and blend.
3. Highlight by sweeping the lightest color under the brow. 
4. Add eyeliner and mascara et voila!

smoky eye shadow

I used Wet 'n' Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner and CoverGirl LashBlastFusion Mascara. I also did a flick at the end of the eyeliner for a winged look.

how to do a smoky eye

For this smoky eye I used BA STAR's Natural Shadow Palette. I love how these browns turned out on my smoky eye! They also have a grey palette that would be perfect for a smoky eye and even pink and blue.

smoky eye
By the looks of their website, a lot of cheer and dance teams use their products. So I figure if it lasts on girls who are twirling and flipping around, it'll stay on me without smudging just fine. So there you have it, a fun and easy smoky eye!

Want a shadow palette of your own for a great smoky eye? Use the discount BBSMOKY for 50% off at BA STAR!
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