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Jun 28, 2013

A few weeks ago, WTFab was mentioned in an article in SFGate's Style section! The article features Bay Area fashion bloggers and you can see me on the blogroll, here.

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Meet me in Paris

Jun 27, 2013

Dress ~ c/o ShopFishie
Earrings & green/yellow bracelet ~ c/o LE TOTE (use this code for a free tote bag when you sign up: LOVETOTES1)
Wallet ~ Louis Vuitton
Shoes ~ Vince Camuto

I was really excited when the mother + daughter team of ShopFishie reached out to me! They just recently launched their online boutique in May, and they're always on the hunt for new, unique designers to carry. Their shop has a boutique-y feel, at affordable prices. This white "Meet me in Paris" dress got a lot of compliments when I wore it on my mom's birthday for a celebratory get together, but I could see it being great with nude wedges for a brunch with friends, or even a perfect white dress for a bride-to-be at their bridal shower. The baroque gold lace pattern adds a beautiful, feminine touch. And now I'm totally in the mood to fly into Charles de Gaulle. Le sigh.
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Hong Kong

Jun 26, 2013

After our time in Beijing, we hopped on a flight to Hong Kong. It was quite a change of scenery. Hong Kong is this interesting mix of tropical island and a world-class, dense city. The night life is super fun, the skyline is jaw-dropping, and the giant Buddha is awesome. And the shopping, ohh the shopping. I was also really excited that the giant rubber duck was re-inflated and floating in the harbor by the time we got there! Pittsburg residents, the ducky is coming to you next—get excited. We only had four days in HK, but we packed in as much as we could.

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Lucky Mag feature

Jun 25, 2013

Yesterday I was featured on the home page of Luckymag.com! You can see the post that Lucky's editors chose to feature here. And the full outfit post here

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Food bites: Beijing + Hong Kong

Jun 24, 2013

When deranged girls parrot Kate Moss' "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," I like to respond with a simple, "Bitch, clearly you've never eaten at [insert latest most amazing food I've tried here]." Since moving to San Francisco, those brackets have usually been filled with "Tartine." But after our trip to Asia, I think I'm going to be replacing that with "authentic Peking duck." 
While we were in Beijing and Hong Kong, I managed to snap photos of almost all the food we tried, except for a couple days when I forgot my iPhone. For the most part, the food in Beijing was killer. We managed to avoid things like duck blood soup (I consider myself a fairly adventurous eater, but not that adventurous), even when there was no English menu. Unfortunately Hong Kong's food was a bit disappointing. We found a couple good spots, but even the one and two star Michelin restaurants we went to had super bland food. Someone paid someone off for sure. 

And so, I present to you my food photo diaries from our trip! [Warning: If you think food is boring you will find this post boring. But if trying new food delights you, so will this post.]
After arriving in Beijing starving and so tired from travel we felt drunk, we nommed on these noodles. They were delish.
Pork dumplings. So cheap and so good.
More dumplings.
Beef & pepper stir fry.
All of this went in our hot pot.
Hot pot! So much chili oil. Super spicy but so delicious.
Let's call these Chinese crepes.
Turns out I'm not a fan of authentic hot and sour soup. 
We ate these rice dumplings a lot in the mornings. Yummy.
Cream filled waffles.
Dumplings and snow pea shoots at Mr. Shi's. 
One of our favorite meals of the trip. Authentic Hunan food is bomb. Pork & pepper stir fry, fried rice, and the best stir fried veggies I've ever had.
Shrimp, spare ribs and potatoes. I know they look like noodles, but I promise you, they're potatoes.
Peking duck!!! We went to Duck de Chine and it was awesome.
Super salty but really good cauliflower stir fry. Questionable steamed lamb. Mystery meat pancakes.
Awesome Korean restaurant by the studio we were staying in. Pork + Kimchi, kimchi fried rice and of course more dumplings.
Delicious dim sum restaurant. Turnip dumplings (omg so good), pork dumpling, sweet and sour pork, deep fried soft shell crab and noodles with pork and kale. Mmm.
These little coconut thingies from the bakery downstairs from our studio. I think I ate twenty of them.
More crepes, dumplings and cha siu bao!
Ramen? I don't know.
After this we were totally dumpling-ed out.
Ok, now we've left Beijing and are in Hong Kong. Pho at a Vietnamese place near our studio. We accidentally got the combo pho with tripe. Whoops.
Papaya salad and pork belly at a yummy Thai restaurant.
Green curry.
Outdoor restaurant by the beginning of the Temple St night market in Hong Kong. It was a little bland but the crispy shrimp spring rolls were yummy.
Fried rice and pork cutlet in Hong Kong. It was aiight.
Hong Kong French toast and Hong Kong coffee. At a cafe in Victoria Peak's mall.
Drinks at the highest bar in the world—the Ritz Carlton's bar, Ozone. Amazing view of Hong Kong.
Drunken chicken (not good) and some kind of cold beef dish (surprisingly good).
Shrimp in a garlic chili sauce.
Stir fried green beans and baby spare ribs.
Jasmine tea and rice wine ice cream. Yum!
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