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Licensed to frill

Jul 31, 2013

floral dress with black shoes
frilly dress
floral dress

floral print dress
floral skirt
frilly floral dress
floral dress black shoes
Dress ~ Forever 21
Shoes ~ Boutique in Amsterdam
Bracelet ~ Nordstrom
Nail polish ~ Gelish, A Mint of Spring
Toe nail polish color ~ Red Carpet Manicure, Star Power

I wish I could shoot in Nicole's warehouse every day. Minus the lack of AC during an LA heatwave, of course. The natural, diffuse lighting was so beautiful and put us in great spirits. This frilly, floral number was perfect for a hot LA summer day.  

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How to tie a sarong ~ Twist neck style

Jul 30, 2013

Here's the second style in my How to tie a sarong series. A super easy way to turn your sarong into a twist neck dress. You can see the first part of the series, halter style, here.  

how to tie a sarong

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A zebra can't change her stripes

Jul 29, 2013

Top ~ Zara
Skirt ~ c/o Butterflyzebra
Watch ~ c/o Oceanaut
Wallet ~ Chanel
Bracelet ~ c/o Kanupriya 
Belt ~ Boutique on Melrose
Earrings ~ Anthropologie
Necklace ~ Eclectic Eccentricity 
Sandals ~ Stuart Weitzman

There's something about a maxi dress that just makes you feel so goddess-like. They're elegant, flattering and comfortable, all at the same time. A rare combination. This maxi skirt from Butterflyzebra adds a twist to the usual maxi look with a high slit. I paired it with a black tank and a thick belt to pull it all together.

In the past, I didn't normally wear watches (I think before I received this beautiful Oceanaut watch, I only owned one. And clearly I hadn't used it in a while because I just noticed the battery is dead.). But lately I've been seeing them more as pieces of really gorgeous arm candy. I love the rose gold accents on this dainty white watch. Btw, I feel like rose gold is everywhere right now and I'm totally into it. You've probably noticed a lot of big watches with rose gold accents like this Oceanaut watch are adorning gals' wrists. So fab.

WTFab got a new look!

Jul 27, 2013

You may have noticed over the past few weeks that WTFab's layout has been going through some changes! Thanks for your patience as tweaks and adjustments were made. I'm so excited to officially announce the launch of WTFab's new look! Complete with a sexier nav bar, cleaner sidebar and a prettier comments section (to name a few of the updates), I'm absolutely loving the new layout!

I dreamt up the new layout and created a mock-up and tech specs. And Samantha made it come to life. If you're looking for a web developer to help you with updating your blog, she has some gigs on etsy at really affordable prices.

Excited to be updating from the new WTFab. Don't forget to follow on bloglovin!

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Kjaer Weis

Jul 25, 2013

I'm so excited to introduce you guys to a makeup brand I've recently become a huge fan of. Kjaer Weis (the "J" is silent) is a cosmetics brand by Danish founder and New York based makeup artist, Kirsten Kjaer Weis. 

One thing I noticed right away was the sleek and sexy design of the compacts. They're really beautiful, and it turns out Kjaer Weis has put a lot of thought not only into their organic, natural products, but their packaging as well. I've tried their cream blush, lip tint and eye shadow (pictured below), and I love how smoothly they glide on. Very, very pretty.

c/o Kjaer Weis
I had the pleasure of asking Kirsten a few questions and got to hear about her experience starting up her cosmetics line, as well as advice she has for others.

When did you found your cosmetics line and what was your background before founding Kjaer Weis?
The line was eight years in the making and officially launched three years ago. I've worked as a makeup artist for twenty years and still do, though a lot less these days.

What inspired you to found Kjaer Weis?
I constantly came across women sitting in the make-up chair, pointing to conventional lines I had in my kit, and being allergic to this or that. At the same time, I have seen first hand what the short term effect of synthetics on your skin will do, in the form of rashes, allergic reactions, red eyes etc. It made me think, if this is the short term effect, what is the long term effect of a life long use? I felt very called to creating an alternative, that was harm-free for women to use, yet could perform and be modern in terms of textures and colors. What sets the line apart is just that. Plus it's certified organic and there's an emphasis on the look and feel of the packaging.

What piece of advice would you give someone looking to start their own line, whether it's cosmetics, clothing, or something else?
I highly advise not to start your own line unless you are totally passionate about it. It's very time consuming—weekends, evenings, a million things to keep track of. But if it's something you truly love and are passionate about, it's so worth it. It keeps you going. It's like a fire inside you and you can't not do it. The passion also feeds into not compromising or cutting corners. It goes hand in hand.

What has your MO been while building your brand?
Focus. Trusting my intuition—it is my strongest ally. Patience, lots of it!!

There you have it. Words of wisdom from Kirsten, and organic makeup from Kjaer Weis.

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Le Tote

Jul 24, 2013

Dress ~ c/o LE TOTE 
(use the code LOVETOTES1 for a free $25 tote bag when you sign up!)
Necklace ~ Jewelry stand at UCLA
Bracelet ~ Lollipops
Shoes ~ Payless
Nail polish ~ Gelish, A Mint of Spring
Toe nail polish color ~ Red Carpet Manicure, Star Power

How lovely is this teal high-low dress from LE TOTE? I became acquainted with the company when I met some of their team at a fashion event hosted by EventBrite. LE TOTE is a fashion subscription service—in other words, Netflix for clothes and accessories! Everything they have is really pretty and feminine. And their jewelry is to die for! I've seen a lot of subscription clothing services popping up in the past few months, but I haven't seen any that involve jewelry, until LE TOTE came along. And I love the idea of being able to wear some awesome statement pieces, and then sending them back to get new ones. It's like a revolving door of fashion! You can see a few of their jewelry pieces in this post. Use the code LOVETOTES1 to get a free tote ($25 value) when you sign up! Totes amaze.

Photos taken by Jia, Catwalk-chic

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How to tie a sarong ~ Halter style

Jul 23, 2013

One of my favorite things about summer is that I get to whip out my sarongs (or pareus, as the Hawaiians call them) and use them as a cover-up at the beach. I had completely forgotten that last summer when we were in the Caribbean, I had planned to do a bunch of tutorial posts showing how to tie a sarong. Thankfully, I've rediscovered the photos with two full months of summer left—just in time for you to make use of them! Over the next few weeks, I'll be showing you four different (and super easy!) ways to tie your sarong into a beach wrap that's so cute, you could totally pass it off for a dress. This week, here's how to tie a sarong, halter style.

how to tie a sarong

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True blue

Jul 22, 2013

Top ~ Love Culture
Skirt ~ eBay
Stockings ~ c/o Prettify.ch
Necklace ~ c/o SwellCaroline
Purse ~ DVF
Booties ~ Forever 21

My bestie Nicole has been telling me how wonderful knee-high stockings are for a while now—how flattering they are on your legs, and how they allow you to actually wear a skirt/shorts in San Francisco on a breezy day. And so, when Prettify.ch offered to send me a pair of one of their tights, I was so excited to finally get my hands on some knee-highs. Although, it was hard to choose just one pair, since they have so many delightfully-colored and funky-printed styles that all look so fun to wear. 

I'm also so excited about this SwellCaroline necklace. It's the clear front runner for the biggest statement necklace I own, and I'm loving it. I've been wearing it everywhere, and getting non-stop compliments on it. 

And as a side note, I'm currently selling one of these gorgeous DVF bags on eBay. As of right now, it's at half the retail price, so jump on it!

Photos shot by Jia, Catwalk-chic

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WTFab on Pickie!

Jul 20, 2013

WTFab was featured on Pickie's app this week! I got to pick 3 of my favorite summer fashion and beauty pics and they created a beautiful spread on their app with them.

pickie fashion

pickie beauty

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Mint chip

Jul 18, 2013

sexy floral print dress
pretty floral dress
floral dress
floral print dress
sexy floral dress
art warehouse loft
Dress ~ Some random outdoor store in the Fashion District in LA
Bracelet ~ the Jade Factory in Beijing
Earrings ~ Boutique in LA
Necklace ~ Boutique in Hawaii
Nail polish ~ Gelish, A Mint of Spring
Toe nail polish color ~ Red Carpet Manicure, Star Power

When I was in LA, I spent a couple nights with Nicole, videographer extraordinaire. She's one of those friends who I always get to brag about. Her latest endeavor? Living a bi-city life with gigs in SF and LA, where she's renting a huge, gorgeous live/work art loft/warehouse space in the Fashion District. 

This may be one of my favorite outfit shoots to date. Nicole bought this dress for five (yes, five!) bucks from one of those random shops in the Fashion District, where most of their inventory is hosted on a rack outside. She demanded that I try it on, but given its skimpy nature I resisted at first. Not that I like to pretend like I'm such the demure damsel—I just thought it wouldn't fit. But once I shimmied into it, and we saw how the greens picked up the mint chip paint on the wall and the light bounced off of it, we knew it'd make for a great shoot. There was no set up necessary. Nicole's room literally looked like this when I walked in. Bass in the corner, her photography spread out on the floor. The light that flooded the room was perfect, and we started snapping away.

Have you ever been shopping in the Fashion District in LA? Did you score any crazy deals? What unique pieces did you find?

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