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Happy Halloween!

Oct 31, 2013


What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year? I'm rocking a Minnie Mouse costume at work today. :)

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Chihuly Glass and Garden

Oct 29, 2013

Last month when we were up in Seattle we spent an afternoon at the Chihuly Glass and Garden Exhibit. You may have seen some of Chihuly's larger than life glass installations in some of the ritzy spots in Vegas, like the Bellagio and in the City Center. The exhibit, located right underneath the Space Needle, was absolutely amazing. Chihuly stated that with this exhibit, he wanted people to experience color in a way they never had before. Eight gallery rooms are filled with intricate, ginormous glass chandeliers, stunning vases, and oceanic-inspired displays. It's a permanent exhibit, since Chihuly is from Washington, and if you're in the area it's not to be missed!

[above] Neon-infused glass art. [below] Glass art inspired by Chihuly's mother's garden.
chihuly seattle
[below] Vases inspired by Native American art.
chihuly art
chihuly glass art
chihuly garden glass
[above] Ceiling with tons of glass art pieces. [below] Ocean-inspired glass art.
chihuly glassart
chihuly glass
chihuly glass garden
chihuly chandelier
chihuly chandeliers
Chandeliers galore.
chihuly exhibit
chihuly glass seattle
[above] Loved these boats filled with glass art. [below] Giant vases.
chihuly seattle exhibit
chihuly glass house
Glass house with a giant hanging glass sculpture.
chihuly house
chihuly sculpture
Outdoor gardens.
chihuly outdoor exhibit
chihuly gardens
[above] Rock candy sculpture.
chihuly garden
[above] Feeling blue in the outdoor gardens. [below] Space Needle and more glass art.
chihuly seattle garden

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Leather & lace

Oct 28, 2013

lace and leather outfit
lace and leather
leather skirt
how to wear leather and lace
leather and lace
leather and lace outfit
louis vuitton
Top ~ Forever 21
Skirt ~ Target
Purse ~ Louis Vuitton
Shoes ~ c/o DSW, Mix No. 6
Earrings ~ Kate Spade
Pearl ring and necklace ~ Pearl market in Beijing

Last month I joined a few of my favorite bloggers for a brunch hosted by MaxMara at the Four Season's MKT Restaurant. The brunch was absolutely delicious, and it was so much fun to get an an up-close look at MaxMara's beautiful fall pieces. It was like an interactive runway show where the models stopped by every table and you could ooh and ahh over the pieces (or caress their gorgeous bags if you're a creeper like me).

I love mixing edgier pieces like this skirt with faux leather paneling and these studded shoes, with softer, sweeter pieces like this frilly, lacy top. It keeps things interesting, and not too rocker-girl -wannabe or "froo froo," as my dad would say.

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Oct 23, 2013

san francisco blogger
bay area fashion blog
sf fashion blog
bay area fashion blogger
fashion blogger
bay area blogger
fashion blog
sf blogger
Top ~ Forever 21
Jeans ~ G-Star Raw
Bracelet ~ c/o HIPANEMA
Mother of pearl necklace ~ Pearl market in Beijing
Earrings ~ Forever 21
Turquoise ring ~ Vintage

Nicole and I shot these at one of my favorite places to grab a bite on Valencia street—Frjtz! For this outfit, I kept things simple with a white button-up and jeans. I love the pop of color on my wrist from HIPANEMA. There's something really bohemian and sexy about their stackable bracelets. The Brazilian-inspired arm candy was created by two Parisian chicks, and the bracelets are hand-made with pearls, seashells and multi-colored threads. I wore another  version in this post, also shot by Nicole. I know it's just starting to feel like fall in SF, but I'm already ogling their swimwear line and planning to grab one of these babies for next summer! Turquoise, perhaps?

Photos by the oh-so-talented Nicole Salmeri! & big thanks to the owner of Frjtz for being so cool about us moving furniture around for our photoshoot.

IFB #119

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Three day juice cleanse

Oct 22, 2013

image via
Last month I was feeling a bit sluggish and was motivated to do a three day juice cleanse. I've done juice cleanses before, and the first few times I borrowed my mom's juicer to actually make the juice myself. What a pain that was. And let's just say most of my concoctions tasted less than fabulous. It's such a treat to be able to get a juice cleanse from the pros, like Can Can, who made the yummy juices I drank for my latest cleanse! (Fun fact: I saw on Instagram that one of my favorite bloggers, Sydne Style, was also doing the exact same 3-day Can Can cleanse down in LA while I was doing mine.) If you're thinking about doing a three day juice cleanse, here's the scoop on how mine went:

Day 1: The first day was definitely the most difficult for me. I drank my juices/teas in the morning, and by lunch time I was pretty darn hungry. The celery and sage soup was delicious (I would totally eat that for a regular meal) and was really satiating. By late afternoon, I had a pretty bad headache and was exhausted. I took a nap around 5pm (which is really unusual for me) and woke up drooling all over the couch pillow (Not sure why I feel like that's a necessary component of the story to share with you, but there it is). I drank the rest of my juices and went to bed around 11pm that night.

Day 2: I felt fantastic on Day 2! My headache had gone away and I had great energy. I didn't feel hungry or deprived, but just enjoyed my juices, teas, and soup. I got some work done, did some errands around town, and just felt generally productive and awesome!

Day 3: Day 3 was an easy day as well, since I knew I was in the home stretch. I was feeling great and had lost four pounds (mostly water weight I'm sure), and as Can Can says, was feeling lighter and brighter! I savored my favorite (and last) juice of the cleanse that night—the almond milk! It reminded me of a healthy horchata and was so delicious.

Juice cleanse c/o Can Can
I really enjoyed my 3 day juice cleanse with Can Can and would absolutely recommend them if you're looking to do a cleanse! The juices were tasty, their customer service was lovely, and they even sent me motivational tweets every day of the cleanse. How cute is that??

If you're in SF or LA be sure to check them out for your next cleanse. You'll love it!

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Le cafe

Oct 21, 2013

iphone and ipad case
cute iphone case
san francisco blogger
ipad case
sf blogger
iphone case
Top ~ H&M
Skirt ~ Target
Belt ~ Ambiance, SF
Black ring and bracelet ~ c/o Dupuenti (old)
Stacked rings ~ Forever 21
iPhone and iPad case ~ c/o TESKI

I love blogging at coffee shops in the city. Outdoor coffee shops? Even better, since outdoor cafes remind me of studying abroad in Paris. For some reason I'm much more productive there than at home, and you'd be surprised the amount of inspiration you get from people-watching. This time around when I was blogging away at my local outdoor cafe, my iPad and iPhone were looking a lot sexier than usual, thanks to TESKI. Local to the bay, this international leather goods manufacturer has been around the block, and they know a thing or two about what makes a luxurious leather piece, since they've been doing it for huge brands since 1987. I was drawn to TESKI's pieces to dress up my apple products for their simple yet sophisticated style. I'm still waiting to get my new iPhone (gold is best!) but when I do I can't wait to pop it into one of TESKI's classic cases.

P.S. What do you guys think of the "living photo" at the end of today's post?? It's my first attempt at a moving photo, so please be kind. I thought it'd be fun to start incorporating them for a little movement in my posts, but they're tricky to get the hang of.

Photos by the uber fab, Nicole Salmeri.

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