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What to wear to a company holiday party

Nov 29, 2013

houndstooth coat
hounds tooth coat
how to wear a houndstooth coat
banana republic purple dress
banana republic holiday dress
banana republic dress
purple banana republic dress
banana republic holiday dresses
Coat and clutch ~ Thrifted, c/o Savers in Berkeley (similar coat here and similar clutch here)
Watch ~ c/o Fossil
Necklace ~ Gift from a friend
Rings ~ c/o Azil Boutique (old) (similar here)

The holiday season is upon us! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with loved ones and of course, tons of food. If you're going out Black Friday shopping today, Godspeed. You might want to reconsider and hit up all the online Black Friday holiday sales instead (I even made a list for you!).

I'm getting excited for all the holiday parties that are coming up next month. Especially Google's! Our People Ops department is having it's holiday party at the Exploratorium. Drinks, food and curious exhibits? Sounds like my kinda party. But of course a company holiday party brings up the question, what to wear?

I'm so excited to collaborate on the blog today with Banana Republic Factory Store and Monogram!  They helped me solve my "what to wear to a company holiday party" problem in a snap. I'd never visited a Banana Republic Factory Store before, and I absolutely loved it. It's full of beautiful Banana pieces at super discounted prices. This dress? $35, down from $90. Get it gurrrrl! I can't wait to wear it to Google's holiday party. And you can snag your holiday dress too, at an amazing price. From Dec 2nd - Dec 12th, you can get 50% off all dresses (excluding clearance). Yay!

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Black Friday online sales

Nov 27, 2013

Every Black Friday, the stores open earlier and earlier. Remember when you used to get up early to go to the mall the day after Thanksgiving? Last year stores were opening up at midnight, because nothing makes you want to buy clothes like trying on pants after gorging on poultry and pie all day.

This year, I'm skipping the lines and poor shopping decisions that are usually associated with sleep deprivation, and I'm hitting up the Black Friday sales online! Doesn't shopping for Black Friday sound so much better when you're in your Thanksgiving pants, wine glass in hand, rather than risking being trampled? I think so too. I’ll be using sites like Coupon Sherpa to help be find the best deals from TargetJCPenney, and many other retail establishments. Speaking of which, here's a round up of the best Black Friday sales that are also online, along with some of my favorite pieces! Happy Black Friday!

Ann Taylor ~ Save 40% off entire purchase.
Dates: Nov 29th
Code: TGIF

Dates: Nov 28th

Dates: Nov 27th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 25th - 30th

& more sales!

Dates: Nov 28th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 27th - Dec 1st

Alice + Olivia ~ Save 25% off site wide
Dates: Nov 28th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 28th - Dec 2nd
Code: GIMME20

Bare Necessities ~ Save 25% off select styles
Dates: Nov 28th - Nov 29th

Bloomingdale's ~ Save up to 50% off
Dates: Nov 28th

Dates: Nov 29th and Dec 2nd only

Dates: Nov 28th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 25th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 25th - Dec 31

Dates: Nov 27th - Dec 1st
Code: GIFTS30

Dates: Nov 28th - Dec 2nd
Code: thanksgiving20, thanksgiving25, thanksgiving30 (respectively)

Dates: Nov 29th - Dec 2nd
Code: FRIDAY13

Dates: Nov 26th - Nov 29th
Code: THANKS30

Dates: Nov 28th - Dec 2nd

David Meister ~ Save 25% off site wide
Dates: Nov 27th - Nov 29th
Code: DMTAKE25
Dates: Nov 27th - Dec 2nd
Dates: Nov 27th - Dec 1st

Dates: Nov 29th - Dec 1st

Dates: Nov 26th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 29th and Dec 2nd only
Code: BLACK20 and CYBER20, respectively

Dates: Nov 28th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 27th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 29th

Hanky Panky ~ Save up to 40% off
Dates: Nov 28th - Dec 3rd

Dates: Nov 28th - Dec 1st
Code: BF75

Dates: Nov 28th - Nov 29th
Code: Carve

Dates: Nov 29th
Code: SHOP50, SHOP65, and SHOP75, respectively

Dates: Nov 29th - Dec 2nd
Code: BFTREAT20 & BFTREAT30, respectively

Dates: Nov 27th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 25th - Nov 29th

Kate Somerville ~ Save 30% on all orders
Dates: Nov 25th - Dec 2nd
Code: HOLIDAY2013

Dates: Nov 27th - Dec 2nd
Code: BFCM2013

Dates: Nov 25th - Dec 4th

Dates: Nov 25th - Dec 31st
Code: snowflake10

Dates: Nov 26th - Dec 3rd

Dates: Nov 26th - Dec 2nd
Dates: Nov 25th - Dec 22nd
Code: GIFT30X
Dates: Nov 27th - Dec 1st

Dates: Nov 25th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 27th - Dec 1st

Dates: Nov 29th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 29th - Dec 1st

Dates: Nov 29th - Dec 1st

Dates: Nov 26th - Dec 2nd
Code: THANKS20

Dates: Nov 26th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 25th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 29th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 25th - Dec 2nd
Code: TDAY30

Dates: Nov 28th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 29th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 25th - Dec 20th

Dates: Nov 29th

Dates: Nov 25th - Nov 30th

Dates: Nov 27th - Dec 2nd

Dates: Nov 29th - Dec 2nd
Code: BlackFriday
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This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Soma, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #givesoma http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO.

At the Googleplex, the chefs like to get creative with the water. I've seen water infused with rosemary, mint, cucumber, lime, thyme and tarragon (Separately, not all combined. That would be gross.). Sometimes the oddest sounding ones are the most refreshing—I'm looking at you, bell pepper water. So I thought I'd try a water-infused recipe of my own at home with my new Soma. I sliced up some pears and put them in the bottom of my Soma, for a water-infused recipe that's easy and delicious.

I'm loving my Soma glass water filter. San Franciscans will recognize the name as the area South of Market in this lovely city, and yes, the Soma water filter was created here. The founders set out to create a water filter that was not only functional, but organic and beautiful all at the same time. The filters are 100% biodegradable and use coconut shell carbon, silk, and a plant-based filter casing to filter water. And Soma partners with Charity:Water so that every filter you buy helps bring clean drinking water to those in need.

Soma would make a great holiday gift, especially as a gift for the host of one of the many holiday parties you'll be hitting up over the next month. When you purchase Soma for $49, you are automatically enrolled in their fresh filter program, which sends replacement filters to your home every two months. The cost is $12.99 (less than a quarter/day) and shipping is always free.

Beautiful, biodegradable and helping those in need. That's a pretty tall order for a water filter, but Soma pulls it off. Find them on Twitter and Instagram to see more of what they're doing to revolutionize the way we drink water. 

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Fall edge

Nov 23, 2013

fall trends
Sweater ~ Mango
Bag ~ Asos
Earrings ~ Max & Chloe

With the dark colors, moody prints, and bold makeup looks that inevitably start to crop up once the first leaf of autumn falls, I often find myself wanting to add a little more edge to my everyday outfits. Some tartan here, some Mick Jagger jeans there, a splash of black leather for good measure, and voila, a look with a hint of baddass. 

Along with this gravitation towards edginess comes another desire—rock-star-status body jewelry. I already have my ears and belly button done, but I often entertain fantasies of adding a cute but subtle nose study or Monroe. Of course, with another piercing comes a lot of decisions—where to put it, what kind of jewelry to use, how to care for it, which studio to go to. Luckily there's a wealth of information on just such topics from Fresh Trends, which takes a lot of the anxiety out of the decision. Ultimately, I'm not sure when, where, or if I'll ever get another piercing, but it‘s fun to think about. 

So tell me, does fall turn you into a rebel without a cause as well? Do you have piercings, or are you thinking about getting some? 

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Nov 22, 2013

Tracking Pixel
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ariat.

how to wear riding boots
cute riding boots
boots for fall
cute equestrian boots
how to wear equestrian boots
 Coat ~ Banana Republic (similar here)
Faux leather leggings ~ UNIQLO (similar here)
Boots ~ c/o Ariat (Win your own pair by entering their giveaway, here!)
Sunglasses ~ c/o Firmoo (old) (similar here)
Scarf ~ Target

All of a sudden that beautiful Indian Summer weather is gone and there's a bite to San Francisco's breeze. As gloomy and drizzly as this week has been, I'm welcoming the change in the weather because it means I can bundle up in my warm coats, scarves and boots. And believe me, I have a lot! These Ariat riding boots are the latest addition to my closet, and I think they're just beautiful. Ariat's brand started as purely quality equestrian boots in the early 90's, and as time went on their roots became a natural inspiration for classic fashion footwear. When I slipped my pair on for the first time I couldn't believe the quality. The full grain leather and Ariat's signature hardware make for incredibly sturdy luxury boots. Now all I need is the horse to go with them. 

Ariat is also doing a giveaway on their Facebook page, so be sure to enter for a chance to win a pair of their fab boots or jeans! Their over-the-knee boots are stunners (check out those leather cut-outs!) and if I thought I could pull off the whole country-chic thing I'd rock these ankle shorties. What's your favorite pair? If you enter the giveaway and win a piece from Ariat, tweet me a photo of the look you put together! Good luck!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AriatTo learn more about Ariat and enter their fabulous giveaway on Facebook, please visit: http://bit.ly/1hQteNk.

A touch of bling ~ Red Carpet Manicure

Nov 19, 2013

red carpet manicure

It's no secret that I love Red Carpet Manicure. I've blogged about some of my favorite colors (here, here and here) AND, one of the very first blog posts I wrote way back in June 2012 was a review on the at-home gel kit (aww!). So I'm super excited to partner with Red Carpet Manicure today on the blog! 

I get so many compliments on my nails when I use my RCM colors and gel manicure kit. People can't believe I did the manicure myself (and it's usually a week old at that point) and that I didn't pay a salon. Their colors are so fun and pretty, and my gel manicures always last two weeks. 

I'm absolutely loving RCM's holiday collection, A Touch of Bling and I can't wait to try some of these new colors during the most wonderful time of the year! RCM is doing a holiday sweepstakes on their Facebook page. Five winners will receive their Manicure Pro Kit and six colors from their holiday collection! All you have to do is vote on your favorite color and submit, and you're entered into the giveaway. I think my favorite color is I Am So Honored, but Looking Like A Million $$ and Ring My Belle are close seconds. Let's be real though, I want all of 'em on my digits for the holidays! I'm seeing a red and white candy cane themed manicure in my near future.

What's your favorite color from Red Carpet Manicure's holiday collection? Don't forget to vote on their Facebook fan page so you're entered into their sweepstakes! If you win a Manicure Pro Kit and a bunch of colors, be sure to tweet me a photo of the holiday manis you create!

Corduroy Bear

how to wear corduroy pants
statement necklace
boots and corduroy
boots and corduroy pants
Sweater ~ Forever 21 (similar here)
Pants ~ UNIQLO (similar here)
Necklace ~ c/o DaisyGem (similar here)
Earrings, bracelets and boots ~ Vintage, from my grandmother (similar boots here)

A few snaps from the hotel in Monterey before we went out for lunch and a stroll along the wharf. I love these corduroy leggings—they're so soft and comfortable, and a great burgundy color for fall. The sweater and statement necklace add a little bit of brightness to the look. Want to add a pop of color to your fall looks? Use the code FAB15 to get 15% off at DaisyGem.com.

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P.S. Anyone catch the title reference? Ah, childhood.

Azil Boutique

Nov 17, 2013

azil boutique
azil boutique rings
azil boutique sf
azil jewelry boutique
azil boutique san francisco

The dainty jewelry trend is one of my favorites this year. I love it because it's easy to layer tons of dainty necklaces, bracelets and rings in one outfit, and it pretty much always looks fab. Mixed metals? Sure. Multiple rings adorning your fingers and knuckles? Go for it. It's hard to go wrong with this trend.

I found San Francisco's Azil Boutique on Instagram, and when I saw their photos of all their gorgeous jewelry, I knew I had to come by in person. Azil has two locations in the city: Hayes Valley and Russian Hill. The ladies at Azil were lovely enough to invite me to visit them, snap some photos and pick out a few of my favorite pieces. And I'm obsessed. I've been wearing their jewelry non stop, and in these recent outfits on the blog (1, 2, 3) as well as all over my Instagram

image via Azil's Instagram
Their dainty pieces come in gold, silver and rose gold, and since they make their jewelry at their Russian Hill location, if you see a style you like but want it in a different metal, different size, or as a knuckle ring, they can whip that up for you. Love! Drop by one of their SF locations to see their latest designs, or you can also shop their boutique online

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Nov 14, 2013

Top ~ Zara
Pants ~ Zara
Boots ~ Forever 21
Necklace ~ c/o Swell Caroline (old)
Earrings & bracelet ~ c/o LE TOTE

We snapped these photos before we went out on our whale watching trip a couple weekends ago in Monterey. Even though we got pretty cold and wet, we had an awesome trip and saw tons of tons of risso dolphins, hundreds of sea lions, and dozens of humpback whales. We saw several breaches and one whale lunge feeding. (Check out this video of a bunch of humpbacks lunge feeding. I'm in awe.) It was quite the adventure. Dolphins and whales are my favorite sea creatures. I just think they're so amazing, and when I see them I get as giddy as a school girl and my heart starts pounding. I'll share more photos from our Monterey trip soon!

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