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LA warehouse fashion shoot

Jan 23, 2014

Last summer I shared a series of outfit posts from shoots in Nicole's warehouse, located in the Fashion District of LA. In fact, one of my favorite outfit shoots ever came from one of my LA visits with her. 

Nicole—talented and creative videographer/photographer that she is—recently made a fun video from the footage and shots of one of our photoshoot days. Our friend Allison also joined in on the photoshoot fun. I love this video that Nicole made, not just because it's fun and sweet, but because I'll treasure it forever. I mean really, how often do you get to do a fashion shoot in a beautiful LA warehouse with two of your bestest friends in the whole wide world?

You can see the full looks that Nicole shot here and here

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  1. I absolutely love this video!!!!! You gals are gorge and amazing! Have a great weekend!

  2. cute video