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The Face

Feb 6, 2014

A little-known fact about me: I used to do a bit of commercial modeling when I was in college. I mostly worked with local photographers but I got to do a couple fun projects like fit modeling for Levis and a video shoot for Capital One’s website. Mostly I did it for fun and a little bit of extra cash. It wasn’t something I was pursuing as a career, but I am still captivated by the fashion industry (hence this blog). So that’s why I jumped at the chance to interview some of the modeltestants from the modeling competition show on Oxygen, The Face. I had the pleasure of interviewing Afiya Bennett, Isabelle Bianchi, Amanda Gullickson and Nakisha Bromfiel.

My first question to the modeltestants was: What’s the craziest thing about the modeling/fashion industry? Afiya had my favorite answer:

I think one of the craziest things is the cliché that everyone says: "You'll get a thousand ‘no’s before you get a ‘yes.’” And I think that I'm a true witness to that. It can be extremely discouraging, especially starting out from a young age. “Lose weight.” “Your shoulders are too broad.” “You would have been signed if you weren’t this or you weren’t that.” "Oh, you won't make it if you don’t lose that pound.” “You could never work a couture show, you could never work in fashion week.” When we walk into agencies, they find the craziest things, and it's hard to embrace being yourself and your beauty. I remember in the first episode one thing that one of the supermodel coaches said that stood out to me was, "You have to embrace being yourself. You have to accept being you and make who you are work and once you do that then everything else will fall into place."

I absolutely loved Afiya’s candid answer and I feel like the advice she received from the coaches can really be applied to everyone—Haters gonna hate; just do you.

On the show, a "Facemaker" is anyone who transforms a person into a supermodel. The Oxygen reps also turned things around and pointed the microphone back at us bloggers by asking how we see ourselves as Facemakers in general in the beauty/fashion industry, especially in the context of Fashion Week. I see bloggers as Facemakers during Fashion Week because we take the trends on the runways and convert them into easily accessible styles that normal people can draw inspiration from and feel comfortable wearing. And Afiya’s advice on embracing yourself definitely goes for embracing your style as well. 

Be sure to tune in to Season 2 of Oxygen's The Face on Wednesday March 5th at 10/9c! 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Oxygen's The Face through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Oxygen's The Face, all opinions are my own.

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