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Riviera Maya, Mexico

Sep 18, 2014

Since it's almost the official last day of summer, I thought I'd share some photos of travels to warmer places from earlier this year, that I hadn't gotten around to posting. Our trip to Mexico feels like a long time ago, even though it's only been a few months. While I'm sad summer is pretty much over, we've still got a few fun trips planned for the year, including Sedona, Vegas and Boston. 

mexico flight
mexico resort
mexico hotel
mexico beach
mexico drinks
[Above] Matching hats FTW. [Below] Our picturesque hotel.
mexican hotel
mexico sunset
Exploring the cenotes (underground caves filled with water) was such an adventure. I tried not think about the movie The Descent too much. 
mexico cenotes
mexican food
[Above] These guys were flying around this pole by their ankles! I got dizzy just watching them. [Below] Exploring the ruins in Tulum.
tulum ruins
mayan ruins
tulum ruin
tulum beach
tulum cliff
[Above] An iconic view from Tulum. [Below] My new friend. These lizards were everywhere!
mexican iguana

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  1. looks beautiful :)