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Best Bloody Mary recipe + 8 garnishes for your epic bloody mary bar

Oct 29, 2014

A serious discussion keeps coming up in friend circles across San Francisco: Why is there no legitimate Bloody Mary bar in the city? One with crazy garnishes and spicy mixes that are almost as thick as steak sauce. Apparently, Chicago is known for them. And yet in a city where you can get gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, third wave coffee, and honey-lavender ice cream, the lack of a proper Bloody Mary bar seems a bit absurd. 

And so, we decided it was time to host an epic Bloody Mary bar at home, complete with a full spread of garnishes. Check out the anatomy of a perfect Bloody Mary, and the best Bloody Mary recipe this side of the Mississippi.

Best Bloody Mary Recipe

48 oz of Clamato or Tomato juice
1 can beef consume
3 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 cups Absolut Peppar vodka (a little less if you don't want your Bloody Mary to be too strong)
Tobasco sauce, lime juice, steak sauce and pepper to taste

Mix and pour over ice
Garnish with whatever your imagination can cook up
bloody mary bar
We joked (but were actually serious) about putting those little mini quiches on the skewers as well. But our skewers weren't long enough. Clearly, we needed longer skewers.
bloody mary accoutrements
host a bloody mary bar
bloody mary garnishes
bloody mary accompaniments 
These Bloody Mary's were so delicious! Perfect for a boozy Sunday brunch. And with all of the garnishes, it seriously felt like a meal. Also, thanks so my friend Kimmy and her family for teaching me at an early (but not too early!) age what a damn good Bloody Mary should taste like. Cheers!

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  1. That's awesome.. I've seen shrimp too as a garnish for bloody marys!

    xo - Sheila