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Halloween shopping

Oct 11, 2014

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You guys. I'm so excited for Halloween this year! Not only is it on a Friday, but Omied and I are dressing up as Aladdin and Jasmine, which I've only been wanting to do since we started dating 9 years ago. Every year I suggested it, he said that he'd rather do the "street rat" costume than the Prince Ali Ababwa look, but he wanted to have a six-pack in order to rock that purple vest. Well, unfortunately for me (and Princess Jasmine), that six-pack never came, and neither did my street rat. Until this year! I've managed to convince Omied to forgo the washboard abs prerequisite, and now I'm on the hunt for the perfect Aladdin costume.

I stopped by Walmart to pick up my Jasmine costume, and also got sucked into the Halloween decor and candy aisle. The silly little light-up pumpkin is making me smile every night, and I've promised myself to take the pumpkin full of chocolate to the office to share with my coworkers so we don't eat it all. :D

Walmart recently launched their Walmart Savings Catcher program, which might just be the best price-match program I've ever seen. I really dislike when stores make you sign up for their rewards card, and list prices that are "regular" vs those that are for "rewards members." The rewards price is the price; we see what you're doing here! I like Walmart's Savings Catcher program because it does the legwork for you. Just scan your receipt with the Walmart app or enter your receipt number online (within 7 days of your purchase) and Walmart Savings Catcher will compare prices for you. Super easy! The process takes three days, but if they find a lower price you'll receive the difference back in the form of a Walmart e-card that you can use next time you're in the store. I saved $5 on this little Halloween shopping trip, but imagine how much money you'd save if you did this on every shopping trip! 

sf fashion blog

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