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Miss Fit

Nov 17, 2014

fitness fashion blogger
fitness fashion blog
cute workout clothes
fitness blogger
cute workout outfit
fitness blog
 Jacket ~ c/o FitMiss
Top ~ Lululemon
Pants ~ Nike
Shoes ~ Nike

A couple days ago marked T-minus 10 months to our wedding! Which means that besides focusing on finding a DJ and getting our wedding website up this month, I'm also kicking my fitness routine up a notch. To help make my workouts a little more enjoyable, I picked up a few new items to add to my fitness wardrobe, including this short sleeve jacket from FitMiss. This hoodie is hands-down the softest item in my activewear drawer, and I loved that you can customize the colors and tailor the size of the piece. There's also a hidden little pocket within one of the pockets—perfect for storing my keys when I go on a jog.

Hope everyone has a great Monday...I'm off to my morning run!

sf fashion blog

Thanks to FitMiss for sponsoring this post! And thanks to you guys for supporting the brands that support WTFab!

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