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The smiling cat

Jun 30, 2014

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san francisco style blogger
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 Dress ~ Nordstrom
Necklace and earrings ~ c/o La Chat Souriant
Sunglasses ~ c/o Firmoo
Bracelts ~ c/o chloe + isabel
Shoes ~ Valentino
Nail polish ~ OPI color Cajun Shrimp

Once you hit young adulthood, you realize how novel it is to not have a million things going on every weekend. This weekend was the first one in months where we didn't have any plans. No traveling, no visitors, no wedding venue appointments. We spent the day at the SF aquarium (the otters are the cutest), went and saw a movie (Edge of Tomorrow—pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it!), and indulged in rich apps and libations.

I wore this outfit for our date night dinner, and added in some fun statement jewelry from La Chat Souriant ("the smiling cat"). Jewelry designer Kelley Hollis repurposes vintage jewelry into modern, unique pieces, and I'm totally smitten with them. This little daisy is actually a vintage locket that opens up—so darling! Flowers, peacocks and snakes are some of my favorite elements to find in jewelry, and La Chat Souriant's pieces incorporate a lot of these natural themes. You can of course purchase pieces online, or stop by one of the boutiques that carries Kelley's jewelry.

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How to throw a 50 shades of grey bachelorette party

Jun 26, 2014

A few weeks ago I got to throw my BFF Kimmy a bachelorette party! I decided to make the theme 50 Shades of Grey, since she's obsessed with the books. (Side note: When your boss asks what you're doing this weekend, don't say throwing your BFF a 50 Shades of Grey themed bachelorette party. You may enter into an awkward conversation where your boss proceeds to ask what 50 Shades of Grey is.) As soon as I started Googling and Pinteresting, I found that 50 Shades is a pretty popular theme for parties, especially bachelorettes. And rightly so; the sexy vibe just lends itself so well to a fun girls night. I gathered tons of ideas online, threw in some of my own, and the result was an awesome bachelorette party that Kim and the rest of the girls loved. If you're looking to throw a 50 Shades party yourself, here are some fun party ideas!

The invite

These days a formal printed invitation really isn't necessary for a bachelorette party, but an evite is so easy to make, and adds to the anticipation for the party. If you're graphic design-inclined, you could make your own, or sites like punchbowl, evite, and Paperless Post do the designing and inviting for you. I found this handcuff evite on Paperless Post, and added in that Christian Grey was inviting the ladies, and requested them to wear their LBDs.

50 shades of grey party invite

The party favors

I put together 50 Shades themed party favors for all the girls that included nail polish with fun names like "Temptation Carnation," handcuff bracelets, light up rings, and necklaces and keychains with 50 Shades charms. Etsy was my best friend here, and you can find the Etsy shops  where I found these little trinkets in the links below. 

50 shades of grey party ideas
50 shades of grey bachelorette party favors
50 shades of grey bachelorette ideas
I cut up some ties from construction paper to use as name tags for the favors.
50 shades of grey bachelorette
The 50 Shades keychains are c/o BookwormCharms on Etsy. The handcuff bracelets are c/o VictorianLove on Etsy.
50 shades of grey bachelorette party ideas
The 50 Shades charm necklaces are c/o allstrungout1 on Etsy.
fifty shades of grey bachelorette
fifty shades of grey bachelorette party favors
China Glaze colors from left to right: Go Crazy RedLong KissNakedCaribbean TemptationTemptation Carnation
how to throw a fifty shades of grey bachelorette

The music

I made a playlist on Spotify full of girly and fun songs for the preparty portion of the night at my apartment. Lots of Britney, Christina, Destiny's Child, and perfect bachelorette classics like "It's Raining Men," kept us dancing and laughing. You can get some bachelorette music inspiration here or just play the whole list!

The food & drinks

In keeping with the sexy theme, the wine that was served was Menage a Trois, Flirt, and Allure. I've gotta say, it's pretty fun going to Safeway and roaming their wine aisles looking only for labels with sexy names. But it is a little awkward to explain when a Safeway employee asks if you need help finding anything.

For food, we served Hum-ASS, Hot Balls, Arti-CHOKE dip, Soft (limit) Sugar Cookies, and Vanilla Chocolate Sex.

For decor, we went to a thrift shop and bought a bunch of grey ties to have strewn about. And of course there is the lovely added touch of penis straws in a mason jar. #keepingitclassy
how to throw a 50 shades of grey bachelorette party
50 shades of grey themed food
food for 50 shades of grey bachelorette party
how to throw a 50 shades of grey bachelorette
how to throw a fifty shades of grey bachelorette party
50 shades of grey bachelorette party food
how to throw a 50 shades of grey bachelorette party food

The photo booth

I love setting up a photo booth for parties (you can see a NYE one I did here and a Christmas one here) because they're cheap and easy and provide hours of entertainment. And you'll have awesome photos to look back at years later. For this photo booth, I bought a couple packs of silver metallic streamer wall decorations from Party City, and a few tissue pom-poms to hang from the ceiling. The props are a mix of Party City and Etsy.

We set up a camera with a flash on a tripod and had a blast. Since Nicole is a photographer we were able to use her professional equipment, but any decent camera with a good flash (preferably an external flash if you're using a DSLR) will do. A remote would also be helpful, but the self-timer mode works as well.
50 shades bachelorette party
The silver Venetian mask with the blue feather is c/o BridalBijou on Etsy.
50 shades bachelorette
The red and black lace mask is c/o 1274PeriwinkleLane on Etsy.
50 shades of grey party
fifty shades of grey bachelorette party ideas
We also took Before and After shots from before we went out and after a night of partying. We died laughing over the results...

The games

Gotta have games at a bachelorette party! The first game was a list of bachelorette party "challenges" where each challenge was assigned a point value. The person at the end of the night with the most points won a goodie bag full of beauty products. We got a guy to serenade the bachelorette, girls were doing cartwheels in the street, and a veil may or may not have been made out of toilet paper and worn  at the bar.
fifty shades of grey bachelorette ideas

fifty shades of grey party ideas
We also played a fun game where I asked the groom a bunch of questions ahead of time and got his answers, and quizzed the bride on the same Q's. I cut out more ties form construction paper and wrote the questions and answers on different sides. She got almost all of them right!! And of course, I had a 50 Shades inspired mani from TopCoat that included a matte black + shiny black french manicure with little studs. So cute!

The end

fifty shades party

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Dine in

Jun 24, 2014

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and BJ’s Restaurants, but all my opinions are my own. #DineInOrderAhead #pmedia  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

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san francisco fashion blogger
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We spent last weekend visiting family and running around all of Sacramento looking at wedding venues. We think we finally found the one and we're so excited (more on that later)!! After driving around to several venue appointments on Sunday, we found ourselves starving and staring a long drive back to San Francisco in the face. Waiting for a table at a restaurant and then having to wait even longer for food really didn't sound appealing at that point, so we decided to try out the new BJ's Mobile App. Omg, can I just say I wish every restaurant in the history of ever had an app like this?? 

sf blogger

On the app, we were able to choose a BJ's location perfect for us on the way out of town, and used the Dine in Order Ahead feature to order what we wanted (pizza and a pizookie, obvi). As soon as we sat down our food was being made and it was served just minutes later. Perfect for a hungry couple that's one more minute of hunger away from arguing over wedding colors. :)

san francisco blogger
food blogger
san francisco food blogger

After our meal was over we paid via the Mobile Pay feature on the app and we were outta there and off to SF! No waiting for a server to bring our bill or anything. I swear this will be the way of dining out in the future! It's so easy and fun. But for now, you can download the app on iPhone and Android and start enjoying with your friends and fam!

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