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Best Bloody Mary recipe + 8 garnishes for your epic bloody mary bar

Oct 29, 2014

A serious discussion keeps coming up in friend circles across San Francisco: Why is there no legitimate Bloody Mary bar in the city? One with crazy garnishes and spicy mixes that are almost as thick as steak sauce. Apparently, Chicago is known for them. And yet in a city where you can get gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, third wave coffee, and honey-lavender ice cream, the lack of a proper Bloody Mary bar seems a bit absurd. 

And so, we decided it was time to host an epic Bloody Mary bar at home, complete with a full spread of garnishes. Check out the anatomy of a perfect Bloody Mary, and the best Bloody Mary recipe this side of the Mississippi.

Best Bloody Mary Recipe

48 oz of Clamato or Tomato juice
1 can beef consume
3 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 cups Absolut Peppar vodka (a little less if you don't want your Bloody Mary to be too strong)
Tobasco sauce, lime juice, steak sauce and pepper to taste

Mix and pour over ice
Garnish with whatever your imagination can cook up
bloody mary bar
We joked (but were actually serious) about putting those little mini quiches on the skewers as well. But our skewers weren't long enough. Clearly, we needed longer skewers.
bloody mary accoutrements
host a bloody mary bar
bloody mary garnishes
bloody mary accompaniments 
These Bloody Mary's were so delicious! Perfect for a boozy Sunday brunch. And with all of the garnishes, it seriously felt like a meal. Also, thanks so my friend Kimmy and her family for teaching me at an early (but not too early!) age what a damn good Bloody Mary should taste like. Cheers!

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Red Rock

Oct 27, 2014

how to wear a romper
fashion blog
black romper
travel blogger
fashion blogger
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style blog
travel blog
Romper ~ Boutique in SF (similar here)
Flats ~ Tieks
Bracelet ~ c/o Hipanema
Sunglasses ~ Ray-Ban

These pictures are making me miss Sedona and all of its unique beauty! We shot these on our last day in Sedona, when we decided to drive up to the airport knoll and take in the amazing 360 degree view one last time before flying home. Sedona is known for their "energy vortexes," and whether or not you believe in that sort of spiritual thing, they also happen to be the most beautiful spots, so we spent a lot of time there. This airport knoll is one of those vortexes, and the views are hard to beat. We watched the sunset from there the first night in Sedona, and I swear I didn't use a filter on this insta pic!

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On the table

Oct 22, 2014

Today we're cooking up a storm on WTFab! Over the weekend I got to try out Plated, which is a pretty nifty service that delivers fresh, pre-portioned ingredients for recipes that you've selected. Seriously, everything you need to cook your meal is in the box that you receive. Such a great idea! I really enjoy cooking, but there are two things associated with cooking that I'm not so crazy about: grocery shopping/rummaging around my pantry for ingredients, and the clean-up. Plated takes care of the first part, and lucky for me, my wonderful fiancé takes care of the second. ;) (Don't worry, we keep things fair by putting me on clean-up duty when it's his turn to cook!)

I made two dishes—duck tacos and moussaka (if you haven't had moussaka before, it's a Greek dish with eggplant and ground beef or lamb, and it's one of my favorite quick yet delicious recipes to make). Both recipes were super easy and turned out pretty good! It's amazing how much time you save (and how much more enjoyable it is to cook) when all the ingredients are right there in front of you and you don't have to go grocery shopping or even measure anything. Even the spices in their cute little packets are already measured for you!

sf food blogger
sf food blog
san francisco food blog
san francisco food blogger
bay area food blog

bay area food blogger
food blogger
food blog

Some friends of ours had just gotten back from their honeymoon in Italy (Jealous much? Noooo, never!), so we had them over for a little dinner party Saturday night to catch up, hear tales of the Amalfi Coast, and of course so they could help us taste test my Plated creations. We were enjoying ourselves (and the wine) so much that I forgot to snap photos of the moussaka in the cast-iron skillet with my DSLR before we cut it up and served it on everyone's plates. I was bummed, because it looked gorgeous in the skillet! This is why I should not drink and blog. But I did remember to take some instagrammable (new word?) photos of the food on our plates...because what kind of blogger would I be if I forgot that?

california food blog
california food blogger

Plated is currently offering a great deal to WTFab readers so that you can try them out! Their dishes are all really healthy and they have a variety of different types of meat or vegetarian options. They're perfect for a quick meal for two, or if you want to whip something up for a little dinner party like I did. If you try Plated, let me know what you think! You can tweet me at @wtfab1.

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Thank you to Plated for sponsoring this post. And thank you to you guys for supporting the brands that support WTFab!

Stripes + Florals

Oct 21, 2014

how to mix prints
how to mix stripes and floral
how to mix stripes and prints
striped top floral skirt
mix stripes and floral
stripes and floral print
stripes and prints
mix prints
 Top ~ Zara (similar here)
Skirt ~ c/o 1802 (use discount code Fab15 for 15% off!)
Heels ~ c/o Target
Bracelet ~ c/o Marissa del Rosario

Hi friends! We're back from our mini vaca in Sedona and getting back into the swing of things. We shot this outfit after brunch one morning where we dined along an adorable little creek at L'Auberge de Sedona.

The weather was perfect for this striped top and flowy floral skirt combo. I accessorized with a bunch of my new favorite handmade pieces from 9th & Elm. Founded by a husband and wife team, 9th & Elm selects independent designers who create beautiful pieces to be part of their online store. I love that a lot of the pieces have are really unique and have customizable touches to them. The gold ring that I'm wearing, for example, has "E&O" (for Elise & Omied) engraved on the inside. And the California necklace has a heart stamped over the bay area (you send the seller your city/state info, and they create your custom necklace). When you're browsing the site you'll come across tons of unique designers, and their daily sales make the prices remarkably affordable for handmade and independent designs. And now they've got me eyeing this adorable San Francisco locket...

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DIY Workout Headband

Oct 20, 2014

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Goody, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #GoodyGorgeous http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Today I'm sharing a quick DIY for a workout headband that I've been wanting to make for at least a year! You know those projects you pin to your Pinterest board and then never get around to actually doing? This was one of those projects for me.

I have a lot of little baby whispy hairs that frame my face and don't make it into my ponytail when I hit the gym. After being blinded by said baby hairs during kickboxing class for the fifteenth time, I decided enough was enough and I set out to make myself a cute workout headband that would keep my hair out of my eyes, so I can focus on my left hook. Here's what you'll need:

Fabric or an old T-shirt, tape, scissors, and sewing machine or needle and thread. I used the Goody TangleFix Brush to prep my hair and the QuikStyle Brush to help dry my hair sans hair dryer after my post-workout shower.

1. Cut your fabric into five long strips (about twice as long as the measurement of your head). For a wide headband, strips can be about two inches wide. For a more narrow headband, 1/3 of an inch should do the trick.

2. Stack strips and sew together at one end. Pull each strip so the fabric curls at the edges. Tape the top of your strips down to the table (to help keep the fabric in place when you're braiding).

3. Separate strips so that there are three on the left and two on the right.

5. Now you're going to start braiding! Start by working only with the left side. Take the strip on the far left, and cross it over the middle strip.

6. Just as you would with a normal braid, take the strip on the right and cross it over the middle strip.

7. Now take the strip that was originally the very first strip on the far left that you crossed over, and bring it over to the right group of strips. Now you'll start braiding with these three on the right.

8. Again, working from the outside, take the strip on the far right and cross it over the middle.

9. Now grab the strip you had brought over from the left side, and cross it over to the middle of the right braid. Now your strips are once again separated with two on one side, three on the other (just on opposite sides as when you started).

10. Now you're going to bring that strip that's in the middle and crossed in between the two right strips, over to the left side to repeat the process.

11. Keep braiding and bringing the middle strip over to the next side. Remember to always start with the outside strip when you're working on a new braid.

12. When you get to the end (or as long as you need the headband to be—remember, the woven braid will be stretchy, so if you want to use this as a workout headband you'll need to make it so it fits tightly around your head), sew the ends in place.

13. Sew both ends together and cut an extra piece of fabric (that you're going to use to cover the ends) and fold the side edges in.

14. Stitch one side on the inside of the headband.

15. Tuck the ends of the other side of the fabric up.

16. Sew this end down too.

And you're ready to hit the gym!

I love how my headband turned out and it was so easy to make. I'm also loving my new Goody Brushes for pre and post workout hair care. The TangleFix brush untangles all types of hair textures with its super soft and flexible bristles; perfect for my long, thing hair that often ends up in a tangled mess. People ask me all the time how I keep my hair so healthy in between trims, and my favorite tip is that I simply avoid using heat on my hair as much as possible—that includes no blow-drying! Which is hard to do, especially when I hit the gym during lunch time at work and don't want to come back to my desk sopping wet after my post-workout shower. The QuikStyle brush is perfect for this, since it's like a brush and towel in one. The microfiber bristles remove 30% of water, so your hair dries faster than if you were to try to let it air dry.

These brushes and all Goody products are currently buy one get one free at Walgreens (you'll need the Walgreens Balance Reward card to use the promo, but it's quick to sign up at the store) through 11/1/14 (while supplies last). If you make yourself a workout headband, tweet me a pic!

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