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Wedding Wednesday: The Officiant

Dec 31, 2014

Happy Wednesday and Happy (almost) New Year, party people! We're slowly but surely checking the big vendors off our wedding planning list, and the most recent one we've thrown down a deposit for is our officiant (a.k.a. the person who is going to marry us). 

Omied and I went to a boatload of weddings this year (remember when Stylelend helped dress me for a few of them?), and we found inspiration in each of them for little touches we'd like to include in our own wedding. The sixth and final wedding of the year that we attended was for our friends Dan and Oana, at Empire Mines State Historic Park. The ceremony was beautiful and I loved how their officiant was warm and genuine. She kept things running smoothly, was very well-spoken (obviously important when you're getting up and talking in front of a couple hundred people), and she told the couple's story in lovely way that felt very special to them.

Dan and Oana's ceremony. Aren't they a beautiful couple?
A few days after Dan and Oana's wedding I started doing research for our own officiant, using sites like weddingwire and The Knot. I was totally overwhelmed. How was I supposed to know who we would click with, and who would be able to tell our story in a way that is "us?" I thought of our friends' wedding just a few days ago, and how their ceremony and officiant fit their personalities so well. I sent Oana an email asking how she found her officiant, and if she'd recommend her. Oana was kind enough to reply during their honeymoon in Italy, and told me that their wedding was officiated by Cindie Wilding, that she was a celebrant, and that she highly recommended Cindie as she was an amazing vendor to work with. After hearing Oana's rave review I was super excited to set up a call for us to meet Cindie.

After our Skype call with Cindie, I knew that she would be perfect for our wedding. I love her process of getting to know the bride and groom so she can tell their story, and I also love that she specializes in officiating weddings for couples of all types of backgrounds—all types of religions or none, straight or gay; she's even done Persian weddings before! I'm so excited to be working with Cindie because I know she'll help our ceremony feel special and share our relationship's love and warmth with all our guests. 

You can read more about Cindie's wedding services (as well as a very sweet note from Oana about how much she enjoyed having Cindie as their officiant) on her Weddings page.  

Pike Place

Dec 30, 2014

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travel blog
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fashion blogger
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style blogger
 Coat ~ Nordstrom
Bag ~ R + J (similar here)
Bracelets ~ c/o YourBijouxBox
Ring/Earrings/Scarf ~ Banana Republic
Necklace ~ Vintage, from my grandmother (similar here)
Boots ~ Steve Madden

Today's outfit is a flashback to my Seattle trip last month. We grabbed coffee and walked (briskly, because it was freaking cold) around Pike Place before heading to Google's Seattle office for the day. By the way, if you love overly sweet coffee drinks as much as I do, you'll love Starbucks' newest addition to the holiday drink family—Chestnut Praline Latte. Christmas in a cup.

Thanks to my co-worker/friend Mel for playing photog and snapping these photos!

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New Years Resolutions

Dec 27, 2014

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! I spent mine relaxing with loved ones, and indulging in good wine and homemade cookies. After all the overeating and lazing around my parents' house, I'm looking forward to getting my butt back in gear, and like most people this time of year, I have a few goals that I'm thinking about for the New Year. I'm still getting used to my new Sprout by HP and I used my new dual touch screen computer to create a little inspo collage for my resolutions...

new years resolutions

I scanned three items that represent three of my goals for the new year, and used the stylus pen to write little notes.

1. Google Watch: Our Christmas gift from Google this year, I'm excited to use my Google Watch to monitor my exercise. 

2. Headspace. I loooove the Headspace App. There are hundreds of guided meditation sessions to choose from, focusing on different areas of emotional health. I've taken a couple classes at Google about managing your energy and stress, and I'm planning on incorporating more meditation sessions into my weekly routine.

3. Nikon 50mm lens. WTFab has grown so much over the last 2.5 years, and this year Omied and I are kicking things up another notch as far as photography goes. For my Christmas gift this year, Omied surprised me by researching cameras and lenses and pulled the trigger on a new Nikon D750 and a 50mm lens. Can't wait to put them to use for the blog this coming year!

What are you inspired to achieve in 2015?

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Merry Christmas!

Dec 25, 2014

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas filled with love, peace, and joy!


Dec 23, 2014

Right after my trip to Seattle, I came home, unpacked, repacked, and headed to Boston. The frigidness that was Seattle the week before helped prepare me for the Boston weather, although when my sister told me to pack Long Johns all I could think was, "What?? I live in California. I don't own Long Johns!" I felt like this youtube video of Californians trying to understand winter survival hacks.

Even though Boston made me feel like a total pansy when it comes to weather (and it wasn't even snowing!) it was still beautiful and I loved visiting. Here are some iPhone leftovers that didn't quite make it on to Instagram.

downtown boston
brunch in boston

[above] My sister has been snapchatting me brunches at Lulu's Allston for a while and I couldn't wait to try their White Trash Hash and their pumpkin cream cheese-stuffed toast. They did not disappoint. [below] We took a stroll through Boston commons and the crunchy leaves on the ground were so very fall.

boston commons
boston in the fall

fenway park
boston ice bar

I've always wanted to try an ice bar, and we stopped at one in down. We barely stayed 30 minutes, since everything (even the glasses) are made of ice, and it's a bit chilly in there. I downed a hot toddy shortly afterwards to warm up. 

ice bar in boston
boston downtown
boston university

Exploring my sister's campus (Boston University) a bit. You can shop this cozy look here.

seafood in boston

The sister and I shared a fancy dinner at Island Creek Oyster Bar. For starters, we sipped on spiced fall cocktails and slurped oysters. For the main course, we split a lobster roll and a lobster pasta that is out of this freaking world. 

where to eat in boston
travel blogger

Love flying into the sunset. 

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Dec 22, 2014

Hope you all had a great weekend! I spent mine catching up on work (omg, I hit inbox zero, which hasn't happened in the history of...ever) and squeezing in some fun. One of the projects I was working on over the weekend involves a fun new addition to our workspace...a brand new desktop computer! Not just any computer though, a Sprout HP computer, complete with dual touch screens, a high res 3D camera, and just about the coolest creative workspace concept I've ever heard of. Let's take a look...

hp sprout review

An "HP Consultant" actually delivered and set up my new Sprout for me. She also spent an hour giving me a crash course at the software (Windows 8 was totally foreign to me), and all the amazing features of this bad-ass machine. It's basically a creative's dream. The most amazing part is that you can place any object on the touch-mat, scan it, and images of the objects immediately become part of your Sprout workspace. You can then resize, edit and move the images around like you would on an iPad. It's so cool. 

This way of creating is so different, it definitely takes some getting used to. I knew exactly what I wanted to create for my first project taking Sprout for a spin. I've been collecting inspiration for wedding details, and while Pinterest is great, sometimes I'm inspired by things IRL rather than online, like in a magazine, or a piece of vintage jewelry. I decided to create a collage of some of these mishmash pieces I'd been clipping and saving.

hp sprout blogger

-Shop the look-

hp sprout

I scanned some pictures from BRIDES mag, a newspaper clipping my mom had saved for me, and a vintage necklace. I also saved a few photos I'd found on Pinterest.

hp sprout product review

And I created the below little inspo collage! It's so fun "flicking" each image down from the top screen to the touch-mat and moving things around. 
bridal accessories
Stay tuned for more creativity courtesy of Sprout!

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A huge thank you to HP for the new computer and for sponsoring this post! And thank you for supporting the brands that support WTFab!


Dec 17, 2014

Happy Humpday! Today I'm sharing some iPhone snaps from my Seattle trip last month. You may have already seen a few of these on Instagram, but most of these didn't get posted, since I was pretty busy running around the city (for work, and some fun too!). Seattle reminds me of a smaller, wetter version of San Francisco, and now that I've visited a few times I've developed a few favorite spots and restaurants. Check them out below...

pike place

The first evening we arrived we walked over to Pike Place and had dinner at Steelhead Diner. Don't let the modestly starred yelp reviews fool you; it's one of my favorite seafood places. The clam chowder with truffle oil is to die for. We also had an amazing salmon dish that's making my mouth water all over again just looking at the photos.

best restaurants in seattle
where to eat in seattle
seattle coffee

The next morning a latte was in order as we geared up for our first day at the LISA conference. For you non-eng folk (not to be stereotypical but I assume there are few, if any engineers reading my fashion blog), LISA is the Large Installation System Administration conference put on by USENIX.org. 

We had breakfast at another favorite of mine, Lola. If you go, get the doughnuts with seasonal jam and vanilla mascarpone (*drool*) and the eggs benedict. 

best breakfast in seattle

[above] Loved the view of Seattle's fall foliage from our hotel room. [below] Off to the Space Needle for dinner!

space needle
seattle space needle

With my coworker and partner in crime, Melanie! We had a romantic little dinner at the restaurant at the very top of the Space Needle (Sky City). When you dine there, you can also go up to the observation deck afterwards without purchasing tickets. The restaurant also rotates around so you end up getting 360 degree views without having to get up from your seat—although if you get motion sickness like I do, you may want to request a seat closest to the window (the turning is less noticeable). The food was good, if not a little over-priced, but you're also paying for the extraordinary views. 

space needle view
brunch in seattle

For our last breakfast, we hit up Biscuit Bitch. Yep, you read the name right. Although, the sign on the outside says Caffe Lieto—maybe in an attempt not to offend potential customers? Clearly, it takes a lot more than a sassy name to offend me (I mean, have you seen the name of my blog?), and I loved the cheeky names of their different dishes. Hot Mess Bitch, anyone? You might think with the bitchy names, it might reflect the demeanor of the people that work there, but they were absolutely delightful and they helped me settle on the Cheesy Pork N' Bitch with an egg over easy. Another lesson learned here: One is definitely enough to share between two people. 

seattle in the fall
seattle spots

We took a pit stop at the Seattle Google office to catch up on some emails, and then headed back to good old San Francisco, where it felt like summer compared to Seattle. Who knew the Pacific Northwest gets so cold? Not me.

things to do in seattle

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