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Travel Beauty Bag

May 29, 2015

This post is sponsored by Target.

I’m doing a lot of back-to-back travel over the next few weeks, and packing as light as possible so I can squeeze everything into my trusty carry-on. I have a pretty standard beauty routine at home that involves a lot of products, but when I’m traveling I try to consolidate. My toiletries bag usually contains a few beauty products that still pack a punch and keep my skin feeling healthy while I travel.

In order to help my skin combat the abuse of the dry air from flying, sun, ocean and chlorine, I pack the following items:

Neutrogena Ultra SheerDry-Touch Sunscreen – This is hands-down my favorite sunscreen! The dry-touch part is key for me because it doesn’t make my skin feel greasy like typical sunscreen.

Pacifica Purify CoconutWater Wipes – I discovered these coconut water wipes when I revamped my beauty drawer with some naturalproducts from Target, and they’re perfect to keep in my purse on the plane for when I need to freshen up my skin. And they smell amazing!

Neutrogena Hydro BoostMoisturizer – My skin tends to dry out really easily when I’m traveling, so this moisturizing gel is great for combating that dryness.

Burt’s Bees Brightening DarkSpot Corrector – I just started using this Burt’s Bees product to keep my skin bright, and to help avoid any dark spots from being in the sun all day.

I use these products in just five minutes (key when I’m traveling for work and running around prepping for a Google event) to keep my skin feeling happy on the go. What are your travel beauty secrets?

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  1. Great tips! I love Neutrogena sunscreen. And I bring face wipes on plane rides too - it does get super dry when flying!
    Jeans and a Teacup