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Five Natural Beauty Finds

Apr 29, 2015

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Our home is in need of a massive spring cleaning and to be honest, so is my beauty drawer. I’m breathing some new life into my beauty routine by adding some all-natural products. Here are the natural beauty products I'm revamping my beauty drawer with (bonus, for $40!):

beauty blogger
beauty blogger

1. Attitude Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo is gentle on your hair, and made with worry-free ingredients.

2. Acure Brightening Facial Scrub. This scrub is a nice exfoliant, and while it sounds a bit hippy-dippy (organic sea kelp and dehydrated lemon peel?), I really enjoy using this scrub at night before bed.

3. Pacifica Natural Mineral Eyeshadow. Three pretty neutral colors in one palette, infused with coconut water for a creamy finish.

4. Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes. These are perfect to freshen up before I go back to work after my noon barre class. And they smell amazing. As in, I need to use all of my self-control not to lick them, amazing. 

5. Pacifica Lip Tint and Burt’s Bees. This one is a two-fer, for the lips. Burt’s Bees is an oldie but a goodie in my beauty bag, and it’s one of the only lip balms that really moisturizes my lips, without leaving a weird, unsightly film after a while. The Pacifica lip tint adds just a hint of color.

beauty blogger

How are you revamping your beauty bag for spring?

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Great outdoors

Apr 27, 2015

travel blogger

A couple weekends ago we went on a mini roadtrip to Yosemite to go camping with friends. And while I'm personally much more into glamping (I love the outdoors, I just prefer to be able to wash the outdoors off of me at the end of the day), it was absolutely beautiful and I wish we could have spent even more time there. On our way back to the city we stopped at the Ahwahnee lodge to grab lunch and soak up the massive granite landscape a little longer. We took tons of photos on our scenic hike that I'll be sharing later on the blog. Until then I'll be scheming about our next trip there (which will be complete with a cabin, bed and hot water ;)).

Wedding Wednesday: Invitations

Apr 15, 2015

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Wedding Paper Divas. I received a product and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

Annnnd we’re back with the wedding updates! Planning has been going well so far, aside from a wedding planning stress dream I had where Omied spilled oil down the front of my wedding dress right before the ceremony. Why he was carrying a jar of oil, I have no idea. But from what I’ve heard from all my friends who have gotten married, wedding planning stress dreams are just par for the course, and unavoidable since you’re researching and thinking about wedding details so much in the months leading up to the big day. If you’re planning a wedding and have never had a stress dream about it, I’d love to know, what’s your secret??

In my last Wedding Wednesday post, I shared the first part of a collaboration with Wedding Paper Divas, and I’m happy to say we came to a design decision. As I mentioned, Omied really isn’t into stationery/invites that are “froo-frooey” (a.k.a. flowery). So I went through all of Wedding Paper Divas’ invitation designs (literally, all of them! They have such a huge selection with hundreds of designs.) and favorited a bunch of designs that I liked, and that I thought Omied might like too (keeping in mind the froo-frooeyness level, of course).

After Omied went through and weeded out some of the designs, we had several top picks. We loved this water color design for something modern and different, but still colorful. We also liked this marbled invite, but felt it was a little too modern. This Wisteria Wonder design was also a top contender (despite the fact that it’s pretty froo-frooey) because the vines and flowers match the gorgeous garden scenery in our venue.

In the end, we finally decided on the Everlasting Gem design, because it felt clean, chic, and unique. And I love the hand-stamped foil design.
chic wedding invitations
chic wedding invite
In these sample photos the colors are mint and silver, but you can customize the color to the exact CMYK color that you want. We'll probably change ours to blue to match our wedding colors. I love that WPD has this level of customization available and that you get to work with one of their designers to review a digital proof of the invitations. We'll be ordering free samples as well (use code FREETRY at checkout), so we can make sure the colors are just right in person. So excited to get these babies printed!

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Apr 14, 2015

Necklace and earrings c/o My Vintage Spirit

This past weekend I headed up to Napa to celebrate a friend's birthday at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. We took a Blacklane town car up for the day, which was absolutely lovely. I was thinking of wearing a maxi dress (because maxi dresses are practically synonymous with Napa), but the warmer weather called for something lighter, and I've been waiting for a chance to wear this little romper that I bought from a cute boutique on South Congress in Austin. It was a gorgeous day and we spent Sunday dipping in the pool, relaxing in our cabana, sipping wine, and exploring the grounds. I fully realize how obnoxiously bougie that just sounded, but it was a special treat and a wonderful way to celebrate the birthday girl. The winery also has props from Coppola's movies sprinkled throughout the place, and I couldn't stop giggling when I saw the Godfather's desk, because I know my dad had snuck back there with some friends late at night when no one was looking, and sat at the chair quoting lines from the movie. *insert my dad's interpretation of an Italian accent here* "What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?" 

Pack Your Bags

Apr 13, 2015

I just looked at my calendar and realized I’m going to be traveling every single weekend in May and June. Vegas (bachelorette!), LA (wedding!), Canada (work! Ok, that one’s not quite as glamorous), LA (again!). The list just keeps growing and my calendar is looking a bit aggressive, but at least it’s a good mix of fun, family time, work, and relaxation. I’m excited to spend some time poolside and am starting to think about how I can efficiently pack, since some of these trips are back-to-back with no time to come home in between. And while I’m all about efficiency and squeezing everything into my carry on so I don’t have to check bags, the most fun part to think about is what’s going in my beach bag...like these gorgeous lace up sandals that are just begging to come out and play.

How will you be ringing in summer?

CorePower Yoga

Apr 9, 2015

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of hosting a class at the new CorePower Yoga in Berkeley to celebrate their grand opening! The studio was absolutely gorgeous—such a calm, beautiful space. I'd never done hot yoga before, and to be honest I was a little nervous I was going to be the girl who passed out in class, but I ended up loving it. Here's a look inside the new studio!

san francisco fitness blogger
san francisco fitness blogger
san francisco fitness blogger
san francisco fitness blogger
san francisco fitness blogger
san francisco fitness blogger
san francisco fitness blogger

The new studio has tons of classes so be sure to check out their schedule and try one out! I promise you'll get a great sweat on and love it. ;) 

April Showers

Apr 6, 2015

how to wear boyfriend jeans
how to wear boyfriend jeans
how to wear boyfriend jeans
how to wear boyfriend jeans
how to wear boyfriend jeans
how to wear boyfriend jeans
how to wear boyfriend jeans
how to wear boyfriend jeans

Whaddup, Monday! I wore this outfit to grab brunch with a friend over the weekend. While I've been loving the beautiful weather we've been having, I was happy to break out a cozier outfit. Usually I would pair a tighter top with baggy boyfriend jeans, to balance out the proportions. But on a drizzly Sunday in the city, a chunky, oversize sweater was calling my name. To keep this outfit from looking too boxy, I rolled up the sweater's sleeves and tucked the front in.

Have a great week!

Photography by Omied Arvin
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March, Instagrammed

Apr 1, 2015

Happy first day of April! Hope you're not getting tricked by too many April Fool's jokes. The combination of the fact that I'm fairly gullible and that April 1st is taken super seriously in Silicon Valley makes today a pretty confusing day for me.

March was such a crazy month, I completely forgot to post a February Instagram recap, and I don't think I've forgotten to do that in the history of...ever. So sad. Maybe I'll go back and retroactively post one so that my OCD self doesn't feel too bad about missing a month, ha! Anyways, here's a recap of all the fun March had in store, with captions read clockwise, starting in the upper lefthand corner. Follow along in realtime on Instagram, @wtfab1.

Sometimes, you just don't want to adult today.
Celebrating lots of important people's birthdays.
Pretty wedding invite samples from Wedding Paper Divas. 
 Celebrating a successful event with mojitos and donuts. All mic'ed and fanny packed up.
Had so much fun my first Google event for International Women's Day with my team!
Sushi time is the best time.
Summery drinks at home.
 Love this colorful house on a beautiful day in the city.
Avocado toast and a big ass grapefruit for breakfast.
These mimosas and pastries were calling my name. I thought it'd be rude to ignore them.
Fresh mani to welcome spring.
So many goodies thanks to Victoria's Secret!
New bikini for my bachelorette in Vegas next month. Aloha beaches!
Drinks are aflame at Smugglers Cove.
 Hosted an event at the new Core Power Yoga studio in Berkeley.
Pretty flowers for a bridal-themed shoot.
Getting our sweat on at Core Power.
Early breakfast in bed before working another IWD event.
International Women's Day round 2, Kirkland style.
 Overcast but pretty day at Pike Place.
Finally got to try Shiro's in Seattle.
Seattle city views.
Delicious brunch at Dahlia Lounge.