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Three tips for soft skin

Apr 11, 2016

Traveling always dries out my skin, and after a couple long flights to and from Brazil my skin had definitely taken a beating. Here are three ways I get my skin back to its healthy, soft self.

1. Avocado Honey Mask - When my face gets super dry I like to use a simple avocado mask to add moisture with vitamins A and E, both of which have antioxidant properties and help repair damaged skin. To make the mask, I mash up the following:
1/2 avocado
2 tbsp hot water
1 tsp honey

2. The New Dove Dry Oil CollectionI’ve partnered with Dove to tell you all about their New Dove Dry Oil Collection featuring their Dove Dry Oil Beauty Bar and Dove Dry Oil Moisture Body Wash. The new Dove Dry Oil collection helps nourish and protect skin from dryness in the shower by cleansing without leaving skin feeling dry. I'm a big fan of Moroccan argan oil, both for my hair and skin, and thew new Dove Dry Oil collection is infused with argan oil  beads to gently cleanse while helping to replenish nutrients to the skin. Because 9 in 10 women are concerned about having dry skin, these body washes go beyond basic moisturizing to help nourish and protect dry skin.

3. Olive Oil - When my skin gets dry patches, olive oil always does the trick to help rehydrate it and get it back to normal. My hands tend to get really dry when I'm traveling or with changing seasons, so I'll slather them in olive oil before I go to bed and put these fabric manicure gloves on over night. Then I wake up with super soft hands!

What do you love to use to keep your skin soft and healthy?

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This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Dove, but all my opinions are my own.  #DoveDifference #ShowerAwayDrySkin #DovePartner http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV.

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