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Canada's Mission District

Jul 25, 2016

 Matison Stone Shirtdress // Jessica Simpson Heels // Under One Skye Bag (c/o Le Tote) // Swell Caroline Necklace (c/o) // Loren Hope Bracelet (c/o Rocksbox)

I wore this outfit on our first day exploring Toronto a couple weeks ago. They had been experiencing a hot flash, but when we arrived we got really lucky—things had cooled down and it was perfect weather. This particular neighborhood called Parkdale really reminded me of the Mission in San Francisco. These colorful murals were making me feel right at home, and the mix of trendy and gritty felt really similar as well. As the owner of Kitten and the Bear (the adorable tea shop we stopped at) put it, "You have ladies lining up for tea on one side of the street, and a soup kitchen on the other. But that's what makes this neighborhood so great—we're all here together." 

Even though it was just a few days, we had a great time in Toronto. I'm working on a weekender's guide to Toronto based on all the exploring we did, and I'll be sharing it on the blog soon!

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  1. there's a maman in toronto? I love that place, there's one in NY too! love the dress too!