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Marshall's Beach

Jun 27, 2016

Victoria's Secret Leggings // Lucy Sports Bra (c/o) // Merrell Hiking Boots (c/o) // Old Navy Visor // Ginger Raven Fanny Pack (c/o) // Ray-Ban Sunglasses

This past weekend Omied and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a little hike down to Marshall's Beach. I have to really be in the mood for a strenuous hike (like, oh hey we're in Sedona and there's this really hard hike that's uphill 90 degrees both ways but it'll be worth it because the views are spectacular), and it's not really something I do on a whim. Which is why I prefer what Omied calls "nature walks," which usually involve a scenic picnic destination after less than two miles of walking. So Marshall's Beach was the perfect choice for us this weekend, and a short hike (stroll) I'd highly recommend. It's scenic views the whole way (hello, Golden Gate), and the tiny little beach at the end is the perfect reward. The many stairs on the way back up give you the added glute burn bonus, too. 

We were inspired to go on this hike by the care package that Whole Foods sent me, filled with every trail snack you could possibly want. The icing on the cake were these super cute, hot pink Merrell hiking boots, and the sparkly Ginger Raven fanny pack (which they call "bum bags," because they're cute and British like that—and because "fanny" is slang for something completely different in England). Once we made it down to Marshall's Beach (And avoided the lone nudist—gotta love San Francisco!), we spread our beach blanket out and munched on our hiking snacks. It was the perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon by the bay!

Friday Favs

Jun 24, 2016

I haven't done a Friday Favs post in forever so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite new summer goodies this week, c/o BabbleBoxx. This care package included some athletic wear, therapy bath essentials, a hydrating serum and mascara. Let's dig in, shall we?

2(X)ist Athletic Wear: This square tank and these leggings are easily going to be incorporated into my summer fitness routine. They're very streamlined and flattering on, which is something I look for in gym clothes. I want to be able to look in the mirror while I'm pumping iron and think, "Damn, I look good!" It helps motivate me to keep working out hard. I just started up a summer session of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and I can't wait to wear these pieces at my next workout.

LiftActiv Serum 10 Supreme: This serum is a great alternative to Retinol, especially for me since my skin is pretty sensitive. It's a lightweight anti-wrinkle and hydrating face serum that also smells lovely. I tried it on my skin and it helped illuminate and plump up my skin. We'll see how it's doing a few weeks and months from now.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara: I've been looking for a new mascara for summer and this Superhero Mascara from IT Cosmetics just might be it. I like the volume that this mascara adds, for a fuller, thicker lashline.

Village Naturals Therapy Bath Essentials: After HIITin it hard at the gym, coming home to a relaxing bath sounds pretty amazing. After a week of traveling I just got back into my workout routine today, and I'm so incredibly sore all over. Definitely taking advantage of these mineral bath soaks and oils tonight! A relaxing bath is also my favorite way to unwind after a long event day when I'm traveling (as seen here and here). And epsom salt is also an event planner's secret weapon. So many of my teammates have recommended an epsom salt bath after running around on your feet all day for long events, so I'll definitely be adding some of this foaming bath soak with epsom salt into my bath this summer after some of my upcoming events.  

Tree Hut Shave Prep Body Scrub: This scrub is great for prepping your skin to make sure you get a smooth, close shave. It pampers skin and lifts hair with essential ingredients like oat kernel oil, which helps relieve skin irritation, and avocado oil to help keep skin moisturized. 

What are some of your favorite products that you've added to your summertime routine?

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Jun 22, 2016

 BB Dakota Jacket (c/o LeTote) // Paige Denim Jeans (c/o Zappos) // Zara Top // Tieks Flats // Ray-Ban Sunglasses

One of my favorite things about blogging and being based in San Francisco is that I get to meet entrepreneurs who are passionate and innovative, and I get to share their ideas on WTFab! Last week I got to meet the founder of BikeLeap, a new commuter bike service that works directly with employers to make it easy for people to rent bicycles for their daily commute. They take care of the maintenance, and your fold-up bike is ready to grab and go. I could definitely see the convenience in riding this bike to my G-bus shuttle stop (especially since they just moved my stop a few blocks further than it already was from my apartment), folding it up, and hopping on the shuttle down to Mountain View with it in tow. Incorporating riding a bike into your commute when you can is just such a breath of fresh air (literally). I've noticed that when I'm at our headquarters and I bike around to another building, I can't help but feel happy. I'm basically biking around in the beautiful weather singing, "Making my way downtown, walking biking fast, faces pass and I'm homebound." It's lovely, and I highly recommend it!


Jun 13, 2016

Marissa Webb Dress // Rebecca Minkoff Purse // Bracelet (c/o Rocksbox) // Nine West Earrings (c/o Le Tote) // Splendid Sandals (c/o Zappos) // Elizabeth and James Sunglasses

This weekend we went home to El Dorado Hills for Omied's high school reunion. It was nice to see some old friends (and some friends who we see all the time in San Francisco), and it was a casual, outdoor BBQ situation so it gave me an excuse to wear this summery gingham dress. What's the difference between plaid, gingham and checkered? So glad you asked, because I finally did some intense research (I Googled it), to get to the bottom of this question that I've been asking myself for a good while now. A plaid print has both horizontal and vertical lines that can be any combination of colors and widths. A gingham print always has white in it, and the lines are the same width. And checkered is a pattern with two different colors in alternating squares. There, now don't you feel much more informed to make fashion decisions and purchases? :) This Marissa Webb dress was a perfect, light-weight material for a warm day. It's probably (definitely) meant to be tied in the back, but I liked how it looked and felt like it was more flattering on me tied in the front, giving it a sort of butterfly hem in the front rather than the back. 


Jun 9, 2016

Sharing some photos from Maui today! We had a great trip to the islands and I'm hoping I can come back next year for another family vacay. This trip was mostly spent snorkeling, hanging on the beach, and eating, and I'll be sure to link to a few recs in the captions below.

[above] Relaxing at Big Beach. The soft, white sand is just the best feeling ever under your feet (except when it's scorching hot). [below] Turtle selfie! We saw about a dozen turtles when we were snorkeling at Slaughterhouse Beach.

[above] The Haleakala shave ice (basically all the coconut things) from Ululani's was uhhhmazing. [below] Spotted an eel during my first dive at Honolua Bay.

[above] Sunset views from the condo. [below] My dad diving down to check out this cave situation.

[above] Wearing a new swimsuit from Albion.

These guys from Ululani's were so sweet! And so was the shave ice. ;) They now have a stand pool-side by the Hyatt Regency Maui. Man, I wish they had that set up back when we were kids and used to vacation there. My sister and I would have had a field day.

[above] My dad leaning in for a smooch and my mom enjoying her shave ice. How cute are they? <3

[above] We ate SO much sashimi while I was there. I could never get enough sash prime.

[above] Delicious poke bowls from Tamura's. They have tons of different poke combos and you can sample them at the counter. I'd never had poke made with hamachi before (bowl on the left) but omfg was it amazing.