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Laffy Taffy

Aug 7, 2017

I love how easy breezy this Tanya Taylor dress is, and it was perfect to wear for a little summer weekend getaway. We're back from our long weekend trip to Vancouver and despite all the smoke and haze from the wildfires in Canada, we had a great time exploring the city. There were a lot of things about Vancouver that reminded me of San Francisco, and of course I'll be writing up a travel guide based on our trip soon. When I saw this colorful alley right across the street from our hotel, I was so excited to do an outfit shoot there. The alley was a BYOB (Bring Your Own Ball) play area with lines painted for different areas, and the colors just reminded me of being a kid. Maybe because they made me think of Laffy Taffy, which I never actually liked (you know I'm all about that chocolate), but always seemed to get a ton of when I went trick-or-treating. The purple wall ball court was my personal fav, and made me reminisce about how competitive my friends and I used to get playing handball in elementary school. Because, you know, wall ball is life. At least, it is when you're nine.

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